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The Fonseca Anthology Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “The Fonseca Anthology Sampler”
“Fonseca has been crankin out cigars for 120 years, some of the blends are $ 7.50 a stick or more. These are top notch blends, you would have to be crazy to not jump on this deal!!!”
“One of the finest samplers you're going to find here at CI, or anywhere else for that matter.”
GM of Sacramento, CA
“Just received this today. Smoked the 5 Vegas Relic, and it was delicious. I am looking forward to trying the Matasa Mystery Blend next. I'm hoping it will be reminiscent of trying those mystery lollipops as a kid. Amazing deal on this sampler.”
BM of Concord, NH
“Just a great deal but some of the sticks had really tight draws very unpleasant to enjoy. Like the mystery sticks and the Connecticut wrapper Fonseca.”
SU of Las Vegas, NV
“A great closeout offer. For less than a buck forty a stick, Fonseca delivers seven fantastic blends, four which command many times that price. Even the unbanded Matasa Mystery Blend is a delicious mild bodied treat. Next is the Arana, a budget bundle cigar, yet spicy, bold & medium/full bodied. Good old Fonseca is here too. A mild bodied standard. Then there are four blends that are just unbelievable, at this price point. 5 Vegas Relic has to be tried. It is fantastic! A Quesada blend is also here & it is another one you may find incredible. Black banded Limitado is my second favorite, but the crown jewel is Fonseca's pigtailed masterpiece, the full bodied, full flavored, CXX. Considering the variety, the great blends & the ridiculously low price, it's another "No-Brainer". I have ordered four of these & would like to stow away a few more. Highly, highly recommeded!”
“What a deal for the money. great taste, excellent burn, nice construction. Only had one cigar with draw issues. Can't spend 19 bucks any wiser.... Get one!”
CM of Henderson, NV
“Just ordered this for my Boricua brother! He's gonna feel like a BOSS for sure this Christmas!”
SR of Arkansas City, KS
“With my bro-in-law coming for vacation, I knew I needed a few extra inexpensive cigars in my box. Little did I know what a tremendous deal this would be. I have never smoked a Fonseca in over 30 yes of my cigar loving . I have to say Sorry "Bro" but these will be mine. If you are looking for some cheap cigars for your Cheap Friend or Family, these are not for you. Save them for the days when a good quality smoke is what you need, but your fav's are not what you want. Sit on the back porch, favorite chair or the only place your wife will allow and don't forget the flame. Roast one nicely... take that first draw and sit back for one of the best cigars experiences ... All the while knowing... There are 13 more of these left”
JW of Daphne, AL
“Nice smokes, I ordered 5 to make my own 'Mega sampler'. Winning!”
ND of Noblesville, IN
“Nothing to get excited about here, do not throw your money away on these sticks!”
“Great sample.. glad I got this one, If your doubtful just get it. Well worth the MONEY......”
JB of Marion, IN
“the Vgas 5 Relics in this sampler are VERY tasty.hint of spice but not over powering.very smooooth,,well holds its ash very well also.a great size and very nice aroma and freinds are jealous of these cigars. JR”
JR of Fairmount, IL
“I also want to add that this was my first order from CI and like i said in my last comment best best 20 bucks i ever spent. Where i live there is one cigar store that is not attatched to a liqour store and they sell a 5 pack sampler of x brand cigars for 20 bucks versus 14 brand name cigars for the same price. I want to thank CI for being a santuary from high priced stogies youll always be at the top off my list for life!....."keep a happy face and smoke with pride"”
JH of McAllen, TX
“Great sampler try it and you be the judge best 20 bucks i ever spent!”
JH of McAllen, TX
“this i sa great sampler,a good way to to see whats out there in different brands and very curious as to what the MYSTERY flav really is,,its pretty glad i ordered this sampler,,you get a lot of quality for the $$ in this sampler.ill probably order this sampler again,, A GREAT JOB CI. JR.”
JR of Fairmount, IL
“good bang for the buck. helped fill my humidor up. and tastes great”
PQ of Phoenix, AZ
“Well worth the money, some good smokes!”
“From the mild bodied Fonseca 5-50 and the Araña to the flavorful CXII and the Tributo. Great sampler!”
“The only issue I had with this 14 Fonseca Athology sampler order was... If I was dreaming or awake in reality when it arrived. These 14 cigars are absolutely delicious. So what did I do? I took them out of the packaging.. Layed them in my gorgeous glass top humidor and looked at them. Evaluating them, I leaned in closer and pinched my self. Was this a dream or reality? Am I looking at some of the best cigars Fonseca has to offer or am I looking at an empty humidor? Quickly, I unwrapped the Vegas Fonseca and cut it, at first noticing the dark and veiny texture, I knew it was the real deal. This was no dream, this was happening. I took my first draw, and as easy as can be, the smoke blew out of my mouth like the smoke of a volcano. The ashes turning white like the lava being oxidated by the air from it's eruption. If you love great cigars, I'd buy this sampler and you'll see exactly what you're missing. A+.. Cigar Internationals does it again.”
CC of Ridgefield, NJ
“There are seven good blends in this inexpensive Sampler. Most are more full bodied than you may be used to with Fonseca offerings, but I guarantee you won't regret trying them. You are sure to find something to your liking. Keep in mind several of these tasty vitolas go for considerably more than the buck & change you have invested. I got to try them all in a freebie Arana bundle purchase a few months ago, so I jumped when I saw them in the "Clearance" section. You should probably follow suit!”
“At a little over $1 a cigar you really can't go wrong here. I love the 5 Vegas perfecto's they slipped in the batch, too.”
CV of Palm Bay, FL
“Fonseca used to be my go to cigar way back in the pre-boom days. Nice to see that they are still excellent cigars, and even better when they cost less than I paid back then. Thanks CI!”
AS of Greensboro, NC
“All pretty bad smokes.. would not buy again”
“This sampler is just great for those wanting a nice robusto cigar that will burn evenly and satisfy most smokers. There are a couple of really nice M-F cigars in this sampler as well as medium. For the money, this sampler can't be beat. ”
“What a great sampler pack for an even greater price. Quality for pennies on the dollar. Two cigars just about make up the price for all 14.”
LH of Santee, CA
“One of the best samplers for an absolute steal. The 5 Vegas Relic, Quesada and the Habano Limitado well worth it. Excellent for the price buy it you won't regret it. In fact I bought two more samplers before posting this message. Don't hesitate and order this Fonsecs Sampler.”
MN of Glendora, CA
“The Fonseca Anthology Sampler is one hell of a bargain. Best $20 I ever spent. Don't get me wrong, a couple had some construction issues and looked down right ugly, but it honestly was only 2 cigars. And it was nothing that made them unsmokeable. The other dozen performed fantastically and tastes great. If you're looking for a cheap way to fill your humidor, this is your best bet. I'm thinking about buying about 5 more!”
AH of Virginia Beach, VA