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Diesel Special Edition Corona Tin Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Diesel Special Edition Corona Tin ”
Diesel in a corona? I'm in heaven!!
EN of Twinsburg, OH
Being a hardcore Diesel fan, I had to buy a tin of these. When they arrived I couldn't control myself...I smoked one immediately. Pretty dang tasty, just like a small version of the Unholy Cocktail. My only problem was the didn't want to stay lt, and it ran like Satan at a revival meeting. I chalked it up to over zealousness on my part, and thought I'll try again in a few weeks. After three weeks in the humidor I had the same problem. It almost seems like they were rushed out a little too soon. I put them in an extra Unholy Cocktail box and tucked them away for long term aging. We'll see why a they're like after 9 -12 months. What a buzz kill. Fortunately I bought a 10 pack of MOW Ruination coronas recently. They are pure ambrosia, so I am thinking the Diesels will probably age out to be equally pleasant.
BM of Perryville, MO
My first review of the Diesel coronas got lost somewhere, so I'll try again. I love coronas and torpedoes, so when I saw these little jewels reappear on the CI website I was all over it. I made a big mistake though...I smoked one as soon as it arrived. This lead to major disappointment on my part. They were a little too damp, and the flavor was a little grassy. It also burned poorly (ran like the dickens). I figured I'd give them some time in the humidor and see if that would help. I smoked another after a couple weeks and it was better, but not optimal. Today it has been about a month since their arrival and they taste like a Diesel. Very tasty and great burn. So if you buy a tin I'd suggest you let them sit a little while before sampling them.
BM of Perryville, MO
When I first tried these I was concerned that they would be too bold for me as I prefer a milder smoke. This is my third order as they have been fabulous. They burn evenly and stay lit. They go great with a fine single-malt or wine.
RW of Rocky Mount, MO
This is a nice little smoke. Don't let its small size fool you. This lil bastard delivers on every level as its big brother. Full flavored & full bodied. Nice burn. Not complex but consistent. This one will end up in my rotation. Thanks AJ, you have done it again. Great smoke, great value. If you like diesel; I highly recommend this one.
JR of ennis, TX
Smooth, full, good burn time for an afternoon smoke. Fair amount of spice, cool leathery notes. Find addition to the humidor.
TA of Williamsburg, VA
Full bodied tasting cigar. Didn't burn too fast. Stored at about 68 degrees in the humidor. Each cigar lasted about 55 minutes, which I have no complaints for the size of it. Went nicely with a good glass of red wine.
SS of Angelica, NY