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CI's Big-Brand Monster Box Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI's Big-Brand Monster Box”
This is Jekyll & Hyde. Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park has been the "Best Selling Cigar in America" and teamed up with Romeo and Juliette is unreal. The Macanudo's have been my favorite, smooth, flavorful and quality abound. I try the Romeo and Juliette 1875 Bully again recently and they are still "rude and crude", will leave your palette with a very nasty after effect. The smoke experience has a lot to be desired.
PS of Jasper, AL
I ordered this for myself for Fathers Day. I am new to the cigar world but this is a great deal. I love the Macanudo and also the Romeo y Julieta are not bad. This makes a great addition to my locker at the firehouse. I would reccomend this to anyone just getting started into the Wonderful World Of CIGARS!!
KT of Annapolis, MD
My first humidor purchase and what a filler! Love the smokes and the Humi is great once you get it seasoned - although it took me 3 tries before I got the humidity dead on and have been enjoying premo smokes ever since! It also looks great on my dresser! Great buy for the weekend smoker who now has to have his cigar on the golf course every time!
CR of Richmond, KY
Please do this again without the humidor. Great choice of cigars, I'm drooling just thinking about them.
Not sure how I haven't seen the combo before. Lol, I wear out most every catalog sent (twice a month, and with every order), and some days when I have nothing better to do, I spend hours picking apart this web site to see if there is something I missed. Well, I did miss something. This! But not any longer. Lol! Umm, as far as the cigars, they make this deal a no brainer. 24 great sticks, 12 of each brand plus a new humi...for how much? Check box price of each brand...and do the math in your head...or on paper if you have to. Nuf said.
SM of Kokomo, IN
Nice box, cigars ok.
KC of Anchorage, AK
Great smokes and humidor. I've used it for about a month and finally calibrated the hygrometer with the salt test. Mine was right on the money and needed no adjustment. Box keeps the sticks between 68 and 71 % and I've got it overstuffed. Cigars were fine right out of the box. Great deal overall.
DG of Mercer, PA
I love it! Me and my old man can't decide which is the better tasting cigar....
NN of Santee, CA
Very good and really like it. Does the job for me.
Being a young cigar smoker and one for just a few years, I decided to invest in a humidor as soon as I could. It didn't hurt that I got 24 great valued cigars to go along with it. Whipped out the humidor one night with a bunch of buddies around the fire before the pregame and needless to say everybody was extremely content. Love the look of the humidor and you can never go wrong with a Romeo or Mac. Excellent product.
NM of Oxford, OH
Great cigars, nice humidor, great deal. I upgraded the hygrometer and humidifier but I think I still made out.
TL of Hauppauge, NY
Great cigars but the humidor is faulty. I seasoned and calibrated the hydrometer but keep losing humidity. I have two humid care bottles in the box and the humidity level barely maintains 50%. The manufacturing process on mine is not great. Yo can see where they messed up and used cork to try and bridge the gap. The seal is way off. After reading everyone else's reviews on this humidor, it looks like a isolated incident. I am in the process of trying to get mine exchanged.
GM of Etters, PA
Just received this in Afghanistan. Great product and good quality. Will be filling this box up for the next few month and have confidence they will stay right.
TS of Clarksville, TN