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Customer Reviews of “Kinky Friedman Mega-Sampler”
“This was a Joe's Daily special, so I thought why not? Well, WHY NOT because these cigars are nothing short of great. I had read how harsh or strong they are and had an uneven burn. Well surprise,smooth draw, even burn and great taste. Like the proverbial fish I am hooked. I smoked one right out of the box when they arrived, great! This stick, the Governor lasted well over an hour and was flavorful right down to the nub. Will be ordering more soon.”
JC of West Newbury, MA
“Awesome cigar. Great draw, even burn, smooth! As soon as there is room in my humidor, I will be ordering more.”
JM of Bastrop, TX
“Get "Kinky" and order this NOW! Worth every penny. My third order of these beauties.”
“Short and sweet of it is that the utopian that I sampled was smooth and clean for such a strong bodied and fully filled smoke. This was quite honestly more enjoyable than expected as it possessed more flavor and billowing white smoke with a strong ash than the mild mannered character of its slowly controlled burn would have been initially implied to the lay person. Quite a nice surprise indeed. Whenever I get another box (humidor) I will be sure to look to these to fill it!”
SC of Pflugerville, TX
“Great cigars; my new favorite brand. I have ordered quite a few mega packs and all have burned consistent with lots of flavor.”
“Well, much like Kinky himself you never know what to expect from these cigars. The tobaccos I think are pretty good, but the construction varies a lot from one cigar to another, some burn hot, some draw hard, some are awesome. For 37 bucks I guess you can't expect them to smoke like a Montecristo, but I think I will look elsewhere next time. My cigar time is a cherished part of my day and I am worth a little more to make sure my experience is more consistent.”
“This is my second order of Kinky smoke's, they are flavorful and tons of smoke an even burn and the price Silly, if you like Big ring gauge don't look any further from 52,54,56,60 WoW!!!!!!!! ”
“I recently purchased these cigars and was totally surprised and impressed by the construction of these fine beauties. A good even burn throughout from butt to tip. Nothing to say bad about the taste and aroma. Rich satisfying taste that massages your taste buds. You can tell by my review that I love these cigars and will buy again and again and recommend to everyone. Kinky has a hit with this sampler. Quality and price... who can ask for more? ”
JM of Fairview, TN
“Great cigar...Great taste...Great burn...Great draw...Great deal. At under $2.00 a stick you can not go wrong. It's a win win situation.”
“I am not the connoisseur that most of you are but I know what I like. I gave my buddy one to light up, whom I might add is a cigar snob (meaning if its not over 10 bucks a smoke, it aint good), he loved the cigar. A great deal a better smoke. These cigars by far, are beyond the everyday smoke I was looking for!!!!!”
“I ordered these and loved the taste of all of them, but I had problems with the construction of every single Texas Jew Boy. Each one seemed to explode about 2/3's of the way through. I would buy this again, even with that issue. good tasting smokes.”
AP of Hedgesville, WV
“At less than 2 bones, Kinky offers 4 distinct sizes, decent medium bodied flavor & a good laugh every time you light one up or hand one out. You could do worse, considering the burn is straight, ash firm & it lasts an hour or more. All 4 sizes are big ring, the inappropriately named (6 X 56) Gordo Toro being my favorite. I have burned about 10 of them since I ordered 20 "Texas Jewboys" 6 months ago. The idea was that they might improve with age. Well, not so much, but it didn't hurt & the wrapper is less likely to crack & peel after a humidity controlled cedar slumber. All in all, they are worth the price, if for no other reason than the comedy factor. Some folks may actually like the blend, although I find it a bit cloying & would not order more, considering the array of good quality smokes available at or near the same price point.”
“Best of the best keep it up. Just love the taste and how smooth they are.”
“Love this sampler. 50+ ring gauges of rich, Honduran flavor.”
AS of Greensboro, NC
“What a great deal on some awesome cigars. Kinky's have a unique taste and I love the sizes. Really can't wrong with these.”
KA of Shinnston, WV
“what can I say? Absolutely great deal on the kinky. Super sampler.”
“These things rock like tacos! The price is perfect and well worth it. I will stock my humidor with this!”
“Smoked the first Kinky of my mega sampler a Texas Jew Boy great smoke almost an hour long smooth to the end great taste looking forward to the rest.”
BT of Federal Way, WA
“Very nice collection of large gauge stogies. Every one lit fine and burned perfectly. Each one supplied about an hour of fine smoking, I am very happy with the collection and will definitely purchase again ”
EH of Canton, CT
“I was eager to try them, so I started out with a Texas Jewboy the day they were delivered, but it was a hard draw for a torpedo. I clipped it past the taper and it was a little better. I thought maybe they had dried a bit in transit so I threw them in the humidor. The others I tried smoked and tasted great. I came back to the Jewboy and same result, hard draw. I think I will stick with the round, cap-ended cigars. 3.5 out of 5 stars.”
JB of Roswell, NM