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Dog's Breakfast #2 Mega-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Dog's Breakfast #2 Mega-Sampler”
Good smokes for the money.
MW of Clyde, NC
Just got these cigars 5 days ago and I have to say they are great. Can't believe I got them for $29.99. What a good deal. Thank you, CI!
RB of tuolumne, CA
If you let these guys sit for a month or two they really mature and become an amazing deal, especially for the price.
For the money, they are all good smokes.
Have purchased this sampler more than once. Well made cigars with a nice variety of flavors from spicy to mellow but flavorful. Good with a morning cup of coffee or a beer after dinner. I feel comfortable recommending this selection to anyone looking for a 5 inch cigar.
DP of Euless, TX
This sampler is pure smoking excellence. The dopelbok is my personal fave, but the other three varieties are also fabulous. They all smoke slowly with superior wrapper integrity. The medium strength, mellow smokes are great down to the bands. Please C.I., keep this sampler in your inventory.
Decent group of cigars. Worth the money. However, I'd throw down another 10 bucks and get a better selection. But not bad by any means.
HD of hawthorn, PA
These are great cigars for the price, I ordered this sampler and a Churchill sampler, not happy with the Churchills at all but these are back in "My Cart' for another order. Good range of mild to medium, burns good, and most important, solid wrap, no cracking, peeling or splitting. Nice traffic smoke, or the Dopple is great with a glass of whiskey. these will stay in stock at my place as long as I can get them for under $3 a pop.
JD of Placentia, CA
I'm new to the world of cigar smoking, as previously I had only smoked a few per year. I've recently started smoking one a week on our local cigar and scotch night, so I wanted a good sampler to get familiar with different brands. This sampler is well worth the money! I haven't had a single cigar that I didn't like, and the Doppelbock is my favorite of the bunch. They are smaller cigars and smoke pretty quick, but that just means I get to have two every time! Thanks CI for the good deal, keep 'em coming!
CC of Bossier City, LA
Just got the sampler in and I love them!! Great cigars for the price,cant wait to get more.
SH of Laredo, TX
Great smokes! Especially for the money! Letting the rest of them sit in the humidor for a few weeks and give it another go! Very satisfied.
RS of Ladson, SC
Purchased these just recently, they need some time in the box to matue but all in all a great selection of Nicaraguans for the price.
JD of Everett, MA
This sampler is very good! Fighting Cock and the Doppelbok sticks are my favorites so far. I'm pleased!
RS of Ladson, SC
A very nice surprise. Love the Doppelbok.
PM of Colorado Springs, CO
This is a great bargain. I have thus far only smoked two of them but they have not disappointed. I have just started smoking the finer cigars and used this as a tester. I love them. They have a nice even burn and are solidly made. They take about 30 minutes to an hour to smoke and they are smooth from start to finish. I gave one to a friend and he said that they were a fantastic smoke for the price. Keep up the good work CI. Highly recommend this sampler!
JJ of Ellendale, ND
Well worth the price! Will not disappoint!
Still being new to cigars, I've been getting my fair share of samplers. I picked this one up and can definitely say it was educational. The Oliveros really didn't stand out one way or another to me, while the Fighting Cock fell a hair over the disappointing side. The other two, however, made this into a strongly worthwhile purchase. Nestor Miranda's Doppelbok was delicious, with a complex flavor that pairs immaculately with a double bock beer. The Felipe Gregorio Fusion, while a bit lower on the taste scale, has an amazingly butter-smooth smoke. I can and do highly recommend trying this sampler.
JB of Anaheim, CA
I bought these because I wanted to put something in my new humidor to make it look fuller. I like mild-medium cigars and these fit the bill. I enjoy all 4 types included in this sampler...and the DAWG in me likes the name!!! Good sticks at a good price. Well done C.I.
For the price, this is a great sampler. With the exception of the Fighting Cock, all brands are very well-constructed and draw and burn well. (I find the wrapper of the FC to be a little thin and somewhat sandpapery). Most reviewers seem to like the Doppelboks the best; these are certainly good sticks, but my favorite is the Oliveros Sun Grown as I really like the bite of a sun grown wrapper. Will definitely purchase again (and again).
These cigars were well made, but they were a wee bit spicy for my taste and had a slight bitterness. If this sampler were a beer sampler, it would be a selection of hopped-up IPA's. If that is your adult beverage of choice, then this assortment should really work for you!
AS of Greensboro, NC
One word; Awesome! I really thought I was getting something in the middle of the road but all of these have exceeded my expectations! Bought this sampler last week, couldn't wait so I sampled the sampler, and this week I'm buying another. Great price, great smoke!
CG of Covington, WA
For the price, this is a great deal. Solid to have in the humidor as every day smokes and giveaways. I'd buy this again.
TP of Niles, IL
The Dog's Breakfast #2 sampler is great! The Fighting Cocks are great everyday smokes with even burns, the Oliveros don't burn even, but they taste great, and the Nestor Miranda's are flat out phenomenal! The Nestor Miranda's are gold, medium-full strength, powdered cocoa taste and mouthfeel, pepper on the nose, and the elusive nutmeg in the final third! Only the Felipe Gregorio fusions are a let down. They have a plastic taste, but that might ebb with some aging.
IW of Belgrade, MT
Nice sampler. I bought this to fill up the empty space in my new humidor. I'm not a huge fan of some of the sticks. but very pleased with others....
MB of Philadelphia, PA
I bought this sample to watch the big fight with a couple of friends and family member's, needless to say I was impressed with the selection. The cigars ranged from mild to medium and were a hit at the party. I wasn't shy about sharing them with my friends since I got them at such a great price. CI you did it again.
DH of Chicago, IL
I won some of the Fighting Cock cigars at a cigar night in Afghanistan. Only reason I really bought this sampler. Very impressed with the other cigars that came with it. Putting them in the Humi I won last week for a while before I will enjoy them.
BB of Saint Paul, MN
This is a great bundle and for the price you can't beat it, love the price but love the cigars more!!! I will most definitely order another bundle!!
KV of Mount Prospect, IL
Always a great deal. Have not received a 'dog' yet. Would recommend to anyone looking for smooth medium body puro.
CF of Worcester, MA