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Customer Reviews of “Mild Churchill Mega-Sampler”
“I bought this on the price, and got more then I expected. Had the torano dominicos in robustos and they were average for the price but the churchills in this were much smoother and more flavorful mark twain and pioneer valley were the best ones here but the other three were close all mild all smooth and for $30 bucks it's all good. Will buy again”
JW of Buzzards Bay, MA
“I'm not sure who uncle stu is but he's my favorite uncle. this mix bundle of 20 with 5 different excellent tasting mild cigars has to be the best buy ci offers. even though they are milds but they burn great to the nub and the taste is fantastic, I just purchased my 4th bundle.”
MS of Milford, CT
“Cheap cigars at a cheaper price. None of these will be your new favorite cigar but are worth while to fill up your humidor. Perfect to toss at friends or puff on during a moment your worried you'll be interupted as wasting half a cigar doesnt feel like a huge financial waste. Their not bad, worth their price.”
FT of okc, OK
“Gave this a shot on a whim. I am pleased. Some I like a bit more than others but for the price it is a nice everyday smoke collection. I have laid some on friends and they are all still friends and some thought they would try the bundle when I told them the price.”
“It was good having a different morning cigar for every week day of the week. I have my own special brands I like for the weekends but that's a different story. One thing this has accomplished. It has made me investigate some of the brands offered in the deal, and I found one brand that I may order next time, the Bahia brand, except I'm intrigued by their Trinidad. Good deal. Finished a Mark Twain early this morning, and found it very satisfying. ”
TR of Gaithersburg, MD
“been buying this sampler pack for a couple years. Cant beat the quality and price. Excellent value.”
“I purchased the sampler and was familiar with three of the brands. One of the brands, Pioneer valley was one of the most bitter tasting cigars I have smoked. The description says mild, this cigar was anything but mild. However, the others were worth the money. I recommend Cigars International remove this cigar from the sampler.”
“great deal...worth every penny”
HH of Fort Drum, NY
“Good stuff”
JH of Portsmouth, VA
“Loved this sampler! For the money, can't be beat!”
“Great package for the money.”
“Good price, for decent smokes. I found the Mark Twain's #1's had a different flavor than the #2's I got in another shipment, but still good. The Bahia's were more to the mild-medium range. If the other three don't get better in the humi, they'll be ok give away sticks.”
TB of El Cajon, CA
“These are perfect for friends who would waste half of it and don't really know what a good cigar is. These are smokeable and decent. None of these will amaze you though.”
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
“It is the best buy for your buck and it includes one of my favorites , Mark Twain ”
JS of Billerica, MA
“so far I've only smoked three, the Argentina one was ok. I enjoyed the Mark Twain. the rest will have to see. Not a bad bundle for the price, and to add to my rotation. Thanx again CI ”
RM of Manchester, NJ
“Just got this sampler. Only smoked one -- the Mark Twain. It is a fine, mild bodied stick. I already love the Torano Dominco. But more important, I had returned a previous order after smoking one cigar. Called CI customer service, got a human being and a RAN and shipping label. No talking me out of it, no interrogation -- "the customer is always right" seems CI's way of doing business. Got a full refund. CI was awesome to deal with. I am very happy with CI on every level. Period.”
AL of Woodland Hills, CA
“Very nice sampler especially for the price. Good variety and I can't wait to enjoy all of them.”
AS of South Jordan, UT