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Graycliff Platinum Series Pirate (torpedo) 5-Pack Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Graycliff Platinum Series Pirate (torpedo) 5-Pack”
Got a 5-pack as part of a sampler deal to stock a humidor for the several parties I have were smoker friends come over. Fired one up a week after receiving so not a lot of aging. Very spicy/peppery for first third to 1/2 of the cigar (which I like quite a bit) then tapered off to a more leathery/earthy flavor. In all the flavor was very-very good from beginning to end. However, burned VERY unevenly. Had to touch up several times and relight. This would be a wonderful smoke except for the poor burning qualities which is something you should not see from a cigar at this (full) price. I note some other reviews have also commented on the uneven burning so it does not seem like this was a one-off problem. In all, I would buy these again on a sale but not at the full-price because of the burning issue and, for the same reason, this is not a cigar I will be handing out at a party. I will be enjoying them myself with a box of matches next to me and wearing old jeans were a sudden ash fall is not a problem!
DO of Jefferson City, MO
Smooth!!! What a fantastic cigar!
JB of Adamsville, OH
My friends at Graycliff have done it again! Masterful cigar with great taste, truly an elegant cigar that has earned it's place among your other series of high quality cigars.
As soon as I took my first draw I knew this was a superior smoke. My only regret is I have not (yet) ordered more and my humidor is overflowing. The smoothness, the volume of smoke, the flavor, all the things you can consider are wrapped up in this cigar. This cigar might be in my top three now. Rest assured, I will be ordering these again.
SS of Chapin, SC
SKIDOOSH! Just bought another sample pack just for these. Very smooth, great all around cigar. I didn't mind having to touch it up a couple of times. Very good and will buy more.
FS of Denair, CA
I have tried many cigars from the Greycliff line and Platinum is a cut above most cigars I have smoked. These stately looking cigars looked so good, I lit one right off the truck. The initial light was fragrant and smacks you with some peppery notes. The torpedo has a wonderful draw, nice ash, and the flavor was sublime. It seems like this stick has 3 stages and each one, as I work toward the end, had wonderul qualities in each stage....I have let several sit in the humidor and they truly got better with time. I have shared a few, and I lit my last one while sitting on my boat and it was a true smoking experience. The moment I got on shore... I ordered a new supply. This is one great cigar that I have told my friends about and it is one of the finest cigars I have encountered. This Platinum is one beautiful cigar, something Greycliff can really be proud of, and Greycliff can place Platinum against all rivals.
got these in the build your own sampler pack deal and man are they good very smooth and full of flavor i couldnt put it down ended up with just under an inch left on it easy light smooth pull just all around wonderful
RP of Midway, GA
I like the sampler and for price they were all really good.
MP of fontanelle, IA