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#25: Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche and CAO Moontrance Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.57142857142857 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “#25: Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche and CAO Moontrance”

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5 out of 5
Best daily deal yet!
these two packs of cigars were delicious and the price is unbeatable!
5 out of 5
Great cigars at a great price
I usually like the none sweet ones but these two cigars taste really good. Not to mention all the people around you love the aroma. Especially at the casino's alot of people ask what kind am I smoking I let them know
3 out of 5
Tabak good, Moontrance bad
I liked the Tabak Especials they were very mellow and kept nice partially sweet taste throughout the entire cigar. However the Moontrance cigars are not very good. Their taste is good at first but it quickly dies out after the first third and then become bland. For the price it's like getting the Moontrances for free but why waste the space in the humidor?
5 out of 5
These cigars are among my
These cigars are among my favorites. The tabak cafe con leche being a flavored cigar is an excellent cigar but not too overpowering as far as the flavor adn sweetness. Although a bit pricey for an everyday cigar its still one of the cigars I look forward to smoking.
5 out of 5
Fair price & quick shipping
Very pleased with every CI Order I've ever placed.
4 out of 5
Tabak cafe con leche and moon trance
i love the cafe con leche cigars they have a smooth and consistent draw, the moontrance also have a great taste but do not burn consistently. Some of the moontrance cigars have to be punch through because they are wrap too tight. Overall both cigars are great buys if you prefer a flavored cigar and I do!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
I enjoyed this cigar as well as my sons. Keep wrapping.
Customer Testimonials
I enjoyed both smokes. The CAO was a little hard to draw but I figured it was due to the fact that all I had to punch it with was a little plastic wedge and no cutter or punch. After a while, I rolled the end between my thumb and finger and it broke up the knot and all was well with the world. Both very mild and totally enjoyable. I plan to buy more.
I am a huge fan of the entire Tabak Especial Line but my favorite is by far the Cafe Con Leche. I love the taste and aroma of the Moontrance but they are always hard to draw. I have tried various sizes and all are hard to draw. I usually run a skewer down the middle of them and smoke away.
I order this combo because I really enjoyed the CAO Moontrance and a buddy told me to try the Cafe con Leche. I have absolutely no regrets with this purchase. This is by far the best combo pack I have bought and will continue to buy it as long as it is available. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and have not had any problems with keeping these cigars fresh. The drag on both of them is smooth and perfect, making for a great smoke. I encourage anyone to purchase this order. It is well worth the smoke and you can't beat the price.
Can't beat the Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche for a great smoke. This package offers essentially free CAO Moontrance cigars (good thing) however I'll save those for my non-cigar smoking buddies who won't know any better because I sure do.
Really great combo! Tabak's Café con Leche have always been a personal favorite, however I was pleasantly surprised by CAO's Moontrance! Worth every penny!
Not a bad combo at all I love the tabak line... however moontrance is definitely not my fav. I would love to see moontrance replaced with java by drew estates, or when it comes out nub cafe.
I really enjoyed these sticks. So far, I've only sampled one of each, but they were both great smokes. The Moontrance has a some what tight draw, with lots of creamy smoke. The flavor was consistent throughout, sweet on the draw, then turning over to a bourbon type flavor. The Cafe con Leche I had was fantastic. Sweet cocoa, and coffee flavors throughout. The flavors become really deep when you enter the Maduro wrapper at the end. I didn't want it to end. I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of these two.
If you like flavored cigars look no further. All 10 cigars were flawless and tasted great!
The Cafe con Leche is one of my favorite smokes. Having a cup of coffee with it enhances it even more. Smooth creamy smoke with every puff. Some tips are sweeter than others.
A sweet change from the norm is good from time to time. Nice smoke.
Moontrance is not my cup of tea, but the Tabak is right up my alley. For the price, I couldn't resist this deal and had a chance to try the Moontrance along the way basically for free.
Cafe con Leche was great smoke! CAO was not bad for being free!
I got a CAO Moontrance in the CAO flavor sampler. By far my favorite of the pack. Tastes like toasted coconut.
Wow! A good price and good selection. I bought it as a gift to the guys working with me. They are noobies on smoking cigars, and we had a spectacular time smoking them. The Tabak Cigar is one on my top 10 list and CAO never disappoints me. Good Deal. I recommend it without doubt.
I absolutely adore the Tabak Café con Leche! One of my favorites.
My cousin introduced me to the Tabak and now it's a regular in my humidor. The Moontrance is simply a freebie, not sure I would had chosen one of these. I'll give the CAO a few months in the humi and see if that helps. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad stick at all. Again, for the price it was well worth it.
This is combo is off the chain; I'm a witness. Thank you CI!!!
If you enjoy infused cigars, the Tabaks are perfect. The Moontrance have a nice aroma, but I couldn't smoke a couple of them because the tobacco was poorly packed and the burn was terrible.
Very pleased with this purchase. Picked this up solely for the Cafe con Leche as it is one of my favorite sticks. It just happened to come with the Moontrance. I was very skeptical about the Moontrance based on many reviews that voice concerns about a tight draw. Roasted one today and absolutely loved it! Draw was just fine. The aroma of the stick itself is to die for. The first half of the stick was delicious and full of flavor. The second half died down to a more tobacco flavor. All around satisfied with this purchase.
I was a huge fan of the CAO Moontrance until this combination package. I am not sure if a lesser quality batch was used; however, I had three cigars in a row that could not draw. Even though I am currently deployed to a outlying base in Afghanistan, I have been able to maintain the cigars at the appropriate humidification and temperature. I am disappointed and will not purchase the CAO Moontrance was a favorite I added to my wish list.
Love the cafe con leche, was happy to try the moon trance pretty surprised on the flavor.
While the Cafe con Leches were a sweet treat and CAO had a great aroma, I have concluded that sweet tobacco is not for me. For a beginner cigar smoker, infused cigars are a good way to start.
I've smoked Tabak Especial Café Con Leche in the past, it's a very good tasting cigar, smokes beautiful. CAO Moontrance is okay, not as good as the Café Con Leche, but still smokes good, it has a cinnamon taste in it. I felt that for the price you're getting the Moontrance cigars free, so there's really no room for complaining.
I ordered this combo pack after smoking the Tabak Especial Red Eye, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately the Café con Leche failed to achieve even the slightest hint of coffee. While I feel it missed the mark it still smoked well and if you are a fan of Acid cigars, you will enjoy this. The CAO Moontrance was awful. Whatever “flavor” CAO was attempting to achieve was completely lost on me and after only smoking ¼ of the cigar I put it out and was left with a bad taste in my mouth.