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Gurkha's Gargantuan Grab Bag Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha's Gargantuan Grab Bag Sampler”

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Just got this a few days ago..I had a couple from gurkha before. They are not a bad brand, I like them so thats why I ordered this deal..I looked up the ones I received and got one thats a $36.00 alone and one $26.00 a couple in the teens, some I couldnt identify on CI's single list but well over $100.00 worth for 25 bucks, I'm thinking of ordering another grab bag.
Awesome selection and range of choices. Couldn't figure out which one to have first!
Very impressive selection of cigars. As soon as I opened the package, I made up my mind to order another. I enjoyed the surprise, all excellent Gurkha blends. Please keep these coming CI!
Gurkha Rules! Buy em! You will definitely enjoy em.
There were some decent smokes in here, including my new favorite Gurkha, the Blue Steel...
For a low price of $25, this is a great deal. Kinda cool getting a mystery box in the mail. All 10 sticks are good ones, well worth the buy.
Took a chance and glad I did. Gurhkas are becoming my favorite cigars, and every one of these cigars was excellent.
For $25 you get a plethora of different Gurkhas. Although I have no idea what most of these cigars actually are, they have been very good and I am definitely getting my money's worth.
If your a Gurkha fan you should buy this grab bag. I received 3 90+ Rated Cigars in my bag and Well buy more grab bags very soon.
I've only ordered from CI twice, and I have to say that I'm impressed. This Grab Bag is wonderful. I've got about $80+ worth of Gurkhas to sample for a fraction of the price. The brand comes highly recommended from a few of my more frequent smoker friends, and I'm excited to dive in. The only thing that I wish had been sent with this and the other grab bag I purchased, would be a list of each stick. It was a little hard to ID each one. Cheers, CI.
This is a great deal, there are smoke big time smokes, all range of sizes but mostly thick or big ring ones. After reading the other reviews it seems like everyone gets more or less the same stoogies. Usually one of these cigars will run you $10 , so for the price, it is well worth stocking up.
Just got the "Grab-Bag" in the mail today. I am really quite surprised with the quality. I was expecting some rinky-dink sticks, but they are all great cigars from Gurkha. I will definitely be re-ordering these on my next order.
You guys are awesome! I got $143 worth of cigars for $25! They all arrived in perfect condition and I am very excited to try them. I will definitely be ordering more of these. Thanks CI!
I just received two Gurkha grab bag samplers from CI. I honestly feel like I stole them. At $2.50 a stick this is a hell of a deal. There is not one bad cigar in the bunch. They are all top shelf. I priced each cigar out and it is well over $100 at CI's prices. If I was to buy each of them at my local smoke shop they would have been well over $150. Thank you CI!!!!
While I agree that this sampler is a great deal price-wise, I have been relatively unimpressed with the cigars I was given. Perhaps it's just my rotten luck, but the cigars tend to have bad pulls, uneven burns, and, if you're the cigar I smoked last night... taste like sucking on a penny. My first experience with the Gurkha brand was a pack of Titans I got for free. They were awesome. I have yet to smoke a bad one of those suckers which led to some excitement when this backordered sampler finally came it. To my chagrin, these cigars have been on the mediocre to bad side of flavor and smoke and have all but turned me off completely to Gurkha. I have not smoked them all, but I only have a few left of 10. I personally would recommend a Pinar del Rio or Bahia sampler of some kind over this. Perhaps more expensive, but I have enjoyed each cigar from the PdR sampler and absolutely loved each random Bahia I have received.
This is one crazy sick deal! I even got a Beauty; that stick alone is worth the asking price for the entire sampler. Packaged great! I am going to let them rest for a few days and I plan on a great smoke weekend. I will purchase quite a few more of these samplers and just fill up the humidor. I have had many Gurkhas in the past and this is the best deal on the net. Stock up while you can and enjoy!
Great deal!! I am back for my second order. Really starting to become my favorite brand smoke!
Great deal!! I am back for my second order. Really starting to become my favorite brand smoke!
I picked this sampler up at the Hamburg CI store, so I could see what was in it before buying it. I highly recommend it, I got close to $150 in cigars if bought as singles. I smoked a few of these so far and they are great. Some high dollar sticks in here that almost cost what the sampler does. Also 10 different cigars, so you get to try variety with it.
Wowee!! BUY THIS NOW!!!! just got mine today, and........ HOLY SMOKES!!! pun intended.......what a fantastic selection!!! I got a Blue Steel, Crest, Vintage 2001, Viper, Master Select, Status, Dragon Fury, Symphony, Beauty AND the Beast!! This is an insanely good deal, I am a VERY happy man!!! I love you, Cigars International!!!!
Received my grab bag on 9/25, containing one of each: Beauty, Status, Fury, Beast, Widow Maker, Crest, Blue Steel, Symphony, Viper, and one unknown in orange label (royal reserve, but I doubt it). Using each cigars stick price in a CI five-pack, I value this right around $90. If you were to walk into a B&M store you'd be out maybe double that. Great deal!!! Glad I purchased two (they were identical).
Very impressed by the selection. Not an overall Gurkha fan but at these prices I can do Gurkha's as my everyday cigar.
ok, so my 1st order from CI was this, nothing less than amazing, Gurkha grab bag. only had one Gurkha before this and loved it, so I was excited to see that a sampler like this was available. I placed the order on a Saturday night and received it on Thursday. pack contained a status, beauty, blue steel, (I think) beast, black dragon fury, crest, viper, widow maker, symphony, and im about 90% sure that number 10 is a grand reserve without the tube. my math puts this amazing friggin deal at a value of $90 ish through CI. go to your local cigar shop and if I had to take a guess, you could easily double that value. so to finish my rant, if you like a quality smoke, and like to get kick a$$ deals...BUY THIS NOW! ill be getting more, for myself and as gifts for friends (mainly cause they'll share with me!). thank you CI.
So far so good, my cigars came just as fast as I expected them to (day and a half tops), and also just as happy with the selection. It came with a few very high rated cigars and just as someone else had mentioned I had no idea what one to start with. I'v never had a Gurkha before and didnt know what to expect but as i smoked my very first one yesterday I was very happy with the result, no complaints so far.
Over the years of enjoying my choice cuts of cigars, Gurkha has only made one cigar I did not simply love, with so many to select from chances of getting that one is low with the grab bag, for the price of $25.00, you just could not beat it with a stick.
Best bang for your buck, guaranteed! CI impresses me time and time again, and this grab bag is no exception. Every stick pulls its weight, good luck finding value like this anywhere else.
If you like Gurkha cigars like me, this is a perfect way to try some you haven't had before. You will be pleasantly surprised what you might get.
I loved all the sticks in this as I am a huge fan of Gurkha. However I am slightly annoyed that's after getting 3 of these that all 3 were identical. More variety would be great!
Great deal I try and order 1 or 2 every few orders well worth it. I rate the package at a 10 out of 10. The cigars all high rated and they change the mix. nice surprise
I decided to go ahead and try this out. I bought 2 samplers. Each of them contained the same sampling of cigars. $50 bucks for 20 Gurkhas? matter what they are? Insane. I received them today and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Retail for over 100$?...this batch must be well over $200. It included a Beast, Beauty,Widow Maker,Elegance,Symphony,Crest and a few others. I was blown away! I'm sure glad I got 2 of these! This is why I love Cigars International!!!
I've gotten 2 of these so far...and wow...what a damn steal for the'd be a fool not to cash in on this means of obtaining one of the premiere brands of cigars out there...and they have a true sense of sampler to them...some really dark maduro style, some mediums and some connecticut styles in each back...all different shapes and lengths, but most are 6"...and all of them smoke exceptionally well...if you really took the entire retail cost of each cigar in the bag into account, from a retail/boutique price, some of the sticks by themselves are worth more than the whole damn bag! So what the heck are you waiting for, go get some of this happy and get your Gurkha on!
I've ordered these a few times now and CI has never disappointed me with their selection. Great variety of Gurkhas at an excellent price. Two thumbs up!!!
Outstanding deal for some GREAT cigars !! I just smoked the Gurkha Elegance last night.... it was worth over half the cost of the deal, in coins and in pleasure. Great cigar. Don't miss this deal !!!
got them in today cant wait to try a couple great lookin bunch of smokes
This sampler is awesome. I'm a reguler buying this grab bag. And the price is great. Can't beat it. Gurkha is one of my fav brands out there. So if you like a good fine gurkha cigar this is it.
I was skeptical about this grab bag initially, but I ordered it any way because I'm a huge Gurkha fan and the price was hard to beat. I'm glad I did. What a bargain?!!! After opening the package I immediately went online and ordered another.
After reading the reviews, I had to order not one, but two. What a great deal, but I do notice that it lists the sizes that come with it and I'm noticing that it doesn't include my favorite shape, which is perfecto. Anybody get some in their bags?
Great sampler, and I truly mean that, BUT my only quam with this is that I ordered 2 samplers on my purchase and both bags had the exact same cigars as the other bag. Kind of makes me wonder about the integrity and true nature of this "random sampler". Luckily though, I love them all. Thanks, CI...I think.
I was quite impressed, I got 2 grab bags and my favorite smokes so far are the Black Dragon Fury, Widow Maker and the elegance. I was disappointed with the Status... but that is really the only one I didn't like so far. Great deal overall, I would recommend
It's well worth the the price. I got well over $100 worth of cigars in each of the bags i bought.
First off, this is an amazing value. These cigars ain't cheap, but this sample sure is! Gurkha is easily a top 5 brand and this package is perfect. The variety is perfect. Overall it's perfect
Amazing deal! Never disapointed.
Scored some great Gurkha's. Excellent value!
Good Sampler. I bought a second. I really wanted a royal reserve (which I doubt I'll get) and a titan. I didn't get either. But I did the math and I got 70$ worth of cigars for the 25$ so great value. I bought a second one. Really hoping that I get at least a titan. They throw in some low end Gurkhas which I didn't like but they are still Gurkhas. And I've never had a bad Gurkha. I would definitely recommend it to friends.
Great selection cigars well worth the price, will be ordering again when it comes back in stock.
Hey just wanted to let all you CI loyalist that this is well worth the risk. The best part is not knowing, then when it comes - there is a Beauty, Beast & Widow Maker. Those three super sticks alone is worth the $25 investment. Plus there was seven high quality Gurkha cigars to enjoy as well. Another home run for the BOYS at CI. I cant attest to smoking quality - but I usually let all CI cigars properly rest in my humidors for at least 60 days.
A great buy!
Just received the sampler today. Well worth the $25 price tag and then some!
From a Gurkha fan this is well worth the money! If you want to try them for the first time or just fill the humidor. Go for it and enjoy! Thanks again CI!!
Not bad for $25 I received a wide verity of cigars in there line. I did notice that there where some very miner mistake's nothing that has changed the performance of any of the cigars. I know I will be buying another one in the near future. I would recommend any cigar smoker to pick one up.
When the package arrived, I was quite pleased! A great looking sampler. But, when I smoked them, I had some problems. About half have a very tight draw. Too bad; the ones that are smoke-able were very good smokes.
I have only smoked a few of the cigars so far but I am thoroughly impressed. The price is one of the biggest selling points because at least one of my cigars was over $25 if purchased as a single. I will definitely purchase this grab bag again to keep my humidor stocked with Gurkhas!
What a shocker! This by far is the BEST way to find a cigar that fits your needs and your budget. CI hits another out of the park!
Pretty sweet deal, not all are winners but at $2.50 each its a cant miss. They don't give you all junk in fact 7-8 are good sticks.
Happy with the good selection!
excellent variety, I look forward to my next grab bag
Let me start off by saying WOW!!! This sampler is totally worth the price. I am one of those people who doesn't mind spending money on a good cigar, but this sampler saves you a lot of money and gives you an excellent choice of top cigars. Thank you CI once again you guys have out done yourselves.
Absolutely great deal!! I received a plethora of goodies!
This is unbelievable for $25. I ordered 2 samplers to try and 2 weeks later ordered 5 more, which got me 3 more great Gurkha's free. I hate to put this out, because I want it to never run out for me!!!
Excellent deal! Any 2-3 cigars I got from this would have cost over the price I paid for all 10! Got some old favorites, some I'd never heard of and some new favorites. Worth it for the Grand Reserve and Black Dragon Fury alone! Gurkha gets a bad rap and yes, with as many lines as they've produced, there are some definite clunkers. But if you read reviews and ask Gurkha fans, they'll steer you in the right direction. Do NOT miss some of the best cigars you'll ever smoke because of a few bad apples.
Good grab bag of Gurkhas. Nice variety. I totaled around a 70-75 dollar value on the 10 cigars in the bag. I got a few 13-15 dollar range, a couple valued at 10, and the rest in the 3-4 dollar range. Not a bad deal to mix up your daily stick with some variety by a great brand.
Awesome selection!
Got a great selection of cigars. I even got a 50$ one. looking forward to smoking these cigars. Some of them I would never be able to afford otherwise.
Amazing sampler! I can honestly say I have yet to find a Gurkha that I don't love! Great selection and worth every penny! Don't be afraid to order this one. I will definitely order it again!
Great deal there is no disappointments on my end, but I have never been disappointed with Gurkha. If you are new to Gurkha this sampler is a must try.
Cannot recommend this enough! For Gurkha fans, it's a great way to try new stuff you're not sure of. Gurkha's prolific production and hit and miss track record make it a necessity and this price is unbeatable. Two of the cigars I receieved would have cost as much as the 10 they sent! Found some new favorites and rare stuff! For non-Gurkha fans, same deal. You'll get the best, the obscure and the mediocre, but you're bound to find something box worthy. If you want to give Gurkha a fair shot or a second chance, leave it to the good people at Cigars International!
I love Gurkha's and this is an awesome deal. Plan on picking up another one very soon!
Awesome...will order again!
This might be CI best deal. You get 10 great cigars for $2.50 apiece. What's not to like. I try to keep 20 of these in my humidors at all times. These are great to impress clients on the golf course!
The better deal can't be found. Top drawer cigars at a great price.
10 Gurkhas for $25? Unbelievable... My ten had a retail of $178. If you like Gurkhas or want to try them, this is the deal...
Awesome deal, or as we say here in New England, it's a wicked pissah of a deal. So happy I ordered these.
Top of the line Gurkhas for a fraction of the price. How can you go wrong?? Any Gurkha is going to be a great smoke!
Awesome deal, or as we say here in New England, its a wicked pissah of a deal. So happy I ordered these.
While Gurkha's are generally well made and tasty, I usually find them to be overpriced. Not with this deal!
The Gurkha grab bag never disappoints with good variety and always a couple of higher end Gurkhas for a good treat. Will buy this package again and again.
My delivery bag has Viper, Widow Maker, European Selection Habana 2000, Elegance, Crest, Symphony Grand Churchhill, Status, Vintage Shaggy Grand Rothschild, Beauty and the Beast.
Pretty good grouping. Beauty, Beast, European Collection (both), Elegance, Viper, Status, Symphony, Shaggy, and Widow Maker. I'm new to Gurkha so this was a pretty good start at an affordable price.
Excellent grab bag! I got about $100 value from my bag. I am happy with the average of $10 a stick, and only paid $2.50 per stick.
If you like Gurkha than you will like this. I do like big cigars and this gives you 10 at an unbeatable price. I will order again in the future.
Great deal for the price. I have told my son and he ordered also.
Disappointed and I bought two bags. My friend bought it and ended up with two Beast, so he gave me one. It was great. I didn't get any. So far I have smoked three from selection. The first one cracked and the wrapper fell off. On the second two the wraps unravelled. I use a good, shape cutter and my humidor is well maintained. The only think I didn't do was let them set in the humidor for a few weeks.
Got my sampler about a month ago. Lots of high quality great smoking cigars. All were large and most were very tasty. Not a huge fan of the more mild cigars, but the others more than made up for it. I will definitely buy again. And for the record I was NOT a fan of Gurkha before; thought they were just over priced cigars. Now I learned to enjoy the variety. Very nice smokes.
Probably the greatest deal CI has on offer. The selection is great and you will get a couple of very, very, very good cigars. At this price, it's a no brainer.
So far, good brand. Smooth!
If you like the Gurkha brand then you can't go wrong with this Grab Bag. I ordered one batch smoked em all and just now ordered another bag. Be sure to keep these in a humi for a month to really bring out the flavors.
Feel like a thief. Value far outweighed the paltry 25 dollar price tag. My second grab bag and certainly not the last. If you even remotely enjoy Gurkha at $2.50 a piece you will not be disappointed.
Go for it. Great selections 5x the value. I will do it again.
Awesome deal, I ended up getting some really good cigars for pretty cheap. Some of the cigars that I got were; Status, Legend, Blue Steel, Crest, Vintage, Status 2001, Beauty, Beast, Fury and Empire. Highly recommend this sampler to someone who has never had Ghurkas before because it allows you to sample 10 different ones for a cheap price.
Great selection of Gurkha cigars. Not done with all of them yet but I'm sure I will be pleased with the rest of them when the time comes to smoke them. Great deal too as well CI.
Im new to the cigar world but I have tried a lot of cigars over the past few months and I must say gurkha's are starting to become my cigar of choice. I bought two of these and I am not disappointed. I got some great sticks in this grab bag, a great buy
This deal is nothing short of amazing! I mean that honestly! I got unbelievable cigars at a more than unbelievable price. Some of the awesome cigars I got were the Gurkha Black Dragon Fury, the Series 4, the Blue Steel, the Vintage 2001, the Signature Collection, the Beauty, the Beast, a Gigantic Crest, a Status, and to be honest easily over $250 worth of cigars! Also, it's very exciting getting 10 different cigars and if I would have went to my local cigar shop I would have been broke, but thanks to these crazy guys at CI, I can smoke fancy cigars on a school teacher salary! And yes, I know that was a run-on sentence!
Got a Beauty. Got a Blue Steel. Got a Satus. Totally worth it, I'm going to order another. Thank you CI!
Wow great deal! Delicious cigars. I'm going to order more.
Great smokes for a great price. Gave me some new cigars to try, just wish it had a list of which cigars you are getting, to make ordering more of what you like easier. Thanks CI!
Buy it, but it now. Don't hesitate. This is hands down one of the best buys I've seen, my bag had at least $60 worth of smokes.
WOW! What a deal! A entire spectrum of Gurkha cigars for pennies on the dollar. Thank you, Cigars International, for such a great deal. I don't know which one to fire up first.
The Gurkha grab bag is an awesome deal. How else can you sample ten premium cigars for twenty five bucks? A truly great deal.
Awesome sampler, couldn't keep my younger brother's hands out of my bag.
Worth it. Solid package. Every cigar was enjoyable. Huge range, too. Nice to get so many different ones in the same quality brand.
WOW! GREAT deal!! Just received the cigars. Great selection and I even received a cigar that's worth $25.00 plus alone! NOT disappointed! Great way to sample different Gurkha's without spending a lot!! Love it!
Wow! Just got my "grab bag sampler" in the mail today and let me tell you, this is the best bang for your buck on CI! I got my order in just two days and I did not expect to get the quality sticks that I got out of a sampler pack at this price, that's for sure. 7 out of 10 of the cigars were worth well over $10 and the others though slightly cheaper are amazing cigars none the less. I will be ordering this again for sure.
Fast delivery, on time delivery, packaged well, beautiful Gurkha smokes, thanks.
If you enjoy the sheer variety of the Gurkha brand, then this is a great way to always have something different! Great value and very pleased with the quality.
Every one that I have tried in this sampler were full of flavor and at a great price. You cannot go wrong.
In this grab bag I have over $100 worth of cigars if I priced em each. None duplicated just need some time to get through them all.
If you don't order this for such an incredible price, you need to go back to school. The best selling name brand in the free world, and a pack of ten for 2.50 a pop? Get ready for Beauty & Beast, Symphonies, Grand Ages, Black Dragons, and who knows? Maybe even a whopping Warlord! Once I got these into my humidor, my buddies thought I got a raise at work.
Thank you CI for offering the Gurkha Grab Bag... I love the Gurkha's ... Slow even burning delightful smokes. Worth every cent... A huge Gurkha fan...
I bought this as a way to try Gurkha cigars. I honestly didn't care what I got. It was just a curiosity I needed satisfied. Best order I've placed. Over 160 dollars worth of cigars. Beauty, Beast, Viper, Fury and much more. Gave me a taste of what a real cigar was. Complexity to simplicity. Only 1 I didn't like and it was not because the taste. Hard draw.
You just can't beat a Gurkha, no matter what the blend! Great sampler here. All burned evenly and tasted great. At 2.50 per stick, you can't go wrong. Thanks, CI. I'll be ordering more.
If you like Gurkha you will love the Gurkha Gargantuan Grab Bag. Top quality smokes at a ridiculously low price. I've ordered this a couple of times and haven't received a dog in the bunch. Come on, order it. We all can use a little mystery in our lives.
Great sampler, best bang for your buck to sample a brand!
Wish their were more cigars like these, great flavor, thick rich smoke, full flavor right to the end
Some really good cigars here. I just ordered another. Best buy !
AWESOME selection! Every cigar was in great shape. Can't believe it for the price. Going to order another one soon!
Awesome selection of gurkhas but I purchased two grab bags and both grab bags were exactly the same which defeats the purpose of a grab bag they needed to be random. Or they should have just called it a "gurkha gargantuan sampler"! (still great cigars though)
Great cigars, great value, great everything. Only downside is if you order more then one at a time plan on them being the same.
I received several expensive Gurkhas in my grab bag, well worth the 25 bucks... glad i bought 2. keep the deals coming CI.
I have yet to smoke a bad Gurkha, and have actually found some new favorites with the sampler.
I have never met a Gurkha I didn't like, and these are no exception.
This truly was a treat. They had a cigar from mild to full. Any size you could think of it came with. They thought through this and really put together a treat. I will order again for sure. Thanks gurkah!
Always fun and exciting. If you are a Gurkha fan you must try this bag. Some familiar somenot. But always tasty and cheap. Go ahead. Pull the ttrigger.
What a Deal!!! I love this Sampler Bag- if You haven't ordered one yet Your missing out, all 10 Cigars were perfect. I would Recommend this to everyone
Received some nice cigars. Widow Maker, a Beauty, a Reserve, a European Select. Great Smokes.
This was my first purchase from CI. I had the Gurkhas sent to my brother for his birthday. Great gift idea and I'll buy them for myself.
Great deal! Well rolled cigars. Burn evenly to the end. I've bought 3 so far.
Great sampler!!!! Will buy again!!! I do advise do not buy two of these samplers at same time as it seams you will receive two of the same exact ones