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Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th PG (robusto) 5-Pack Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th PG (robusto) 5-Pack”

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I only purchased the 5 pack looking for a new go-to cigar. My batch was inconsistent with flavor and 3 of the 5 pack purchased had a very hard draw, even after letting them sit out of the humidor which was at 68-71% humidity for an hour or so. The best I can say is that they were a couple cigars with good flavor, but still had a harder draw otherwise the couple of them weren't too bad flavor wise. Maybe I got a bad batch.
I got this cigar in a 5-pack as part of the Build-Your-Own Sampler and I am glad I chose it. This really had a cigar snob taste and I got it at a fraction of the cost. Smooth smoke with every pull with a peppery finish...was a fine taste paired with the hefeweizen I was drinking. I will definitely get this tasty stick again.
I have to disagree with the first evaluation. I tried one as soon as they arrived. The cigar was tasteless. I let it set in the humidor for a month. Lit another one. Same scenario....
Much like the OP above, I made my own sampler and am very glad I grabbed these. Although I never thought I would like a stronger smoke, these aren't strong to me, maybe because they're so smooth and tasty. I will be buying these bad boys again, you can count on that. I highly recommend Graycliff Avelino Lara PG.
I got this with a build your own sampler and I'm glad I did when I looked at the normal price of these suckers. Its a wonderful cigar. when you pick it up you can tell that time and effort went into the making of this stick. The burn is even. The draw is a little hard at first, but is gets easier as you smoke it down a little. In site of the slightly hard draw, it's smoked beautifully and will last a while. Flavor profile is that of cedar, leather, wood characters, hint of cocoa and rich earthy notes. The cigar opens up more as you smoke it and the flavors get more intense. Not at all a weak cigar as the light colored habano wrapper might suggest. If you have the opportunity to try this one, then do it. you wont regret it.