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CI's Mild & Mellow Sampler #4 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI's Mild & Mellow Sampler #4”
This sampler includes some good cigars and it is a great way to try new sticks. However, I must say that the Hoyo Excalibur does not belong in this group. It is not mild. I did not like the La Gloria Cubana Artesano either.
I agree 100% with the previous reviewer...this sampler introduced me, an aficionado who has had a life change and was returning to the cigar hobby after a 10 year sabbatical to several of my current regular rotation...RP Conn; Olivo Conn; 5 Vegas Gold...Gran Habano Conn...pruchased 10 of the Gurkha Symphony 6.5x55 as a Joe Cigar special recently because of this sampler !! CI's 5 packs, special offerings, daily deals and overall discounted prices keep premium stix & accessories within the price point for all us little guys!! THANK YOU CI !!
SB of Fontana, CA
I love samplers and have had well over 10 from CI and this is a very nice one. I personally highly enjoy 8 out of these 10 and the other 2 are easy to enjoy as well. At these guys' prices you can buy 2 of whatever it is you like and still save money off retail price of just buying 1!! You can't go wrong at $3.00 a stick, and you can't even buy low end cigars at shops for under $5 and that's low end. Here, you spend like $3 for nothing but the best. Crazy prices and crazy if you don't buy at these prices.
EU of Wilmington, DE
This sampler is good. The 5 Vegas Gold and Alec Bradley American Blend were my favorites. Definitely recommend this for those of you like me who can't seem to decide on 1 specific cigar.
DP of Northford, CT
Not a bad stick in the bunch. All good, all quality smokes. Mild & Mellow indeed
JP of Gilbertsville, PA
A great selection of high end cigars. I've enjoyed the CAO and the Macanudo thus far and look forward to the rest. It's a great sampler to share with friends over a brew or two.
AK of Topton, PA
This is a great sampler, and the prices are crazy low. This sampler allows someone to have a good supply of good smokes. Thanks CI.
KB of Hornbeck, LA
I just recently purchased this sampler for the 2nd time and you really can not go wrong paying like 3 bucks a cigar. I have had the chance to try 7 out of the 10 cigars and the only one I really did not care for was the RP Connecticut. Don't let that deter you though I just did not care for some of the flavors. My favorites were the Alec Bradley American, the CAO Gold Churchill and the Macanudo. The others I did not mention were what I would call a "good every day smoke" I have yet to try the La Gloria Cubana, Gran Habano Connecticut or the Gurkha. Maybe I find another favorite in the ones I have not tried yet.
JT of Hanover, PA
Some were good and some were not.... A first time purchaser recommended yes!
SG of Bend, OR
Great mix of cigars. I thoroughly enjoyed smoking these beauties!
I am purchasing this sampler again to confirm my favorites. #1 by far is the Rocky Patel.
NC of Des Moines, IA
Stopped in the Nazareth store today and grabbed the Mild and Mellow sampler#4 at the door...After dinner I chose the Gran Habano Conn.#1 What a delight! Can't wait to try the rest..
Absolutely fantastic for both!
KG of Fargo, ND
Since I am a noob to the world of cigar smoking, thought I would order the "Mild & Mellow" sampler. So far have loved everyone I have tried, especially the Gurkha & Rocky Patel. Going to be difficult to ever decide on a everyday cigar now. Guess I will just have to keep ordering this sampler as long as they offer it.
JF of Las Vegas, NV
As a novice cigar smoker, I wanted to start with something that I could associate brand names with how they smoked for me. This sampler was an excellent choice. I was surprised to find some of the descriptions didn't match what I expected both good and bad. There were no really BAD cigars in the batch, but I definitely can make more informed purchases in the future.
Simply outstanding sampler!!!
RL of Toa Alta, PR
Super sweet and tasty.
JB of Simpsonville, KY
Delicious sampler, even better price. I will definitely add this into my standard rotation. Thanks CI!
TP of Niles, IL
Just as the name implies, what a delight
DM of Latrobe, PA
great sampler.. thanks again CI...
MG of Billings, MT
Great deal. May have to pick up another real soon.