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CI's Mild & Mellow Sampler #4 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI's Mild & Mellow Sampler #4”
This sampler includes some good cigars and it is a great way to try new sticks. However, I must say that the Hoyo Excalibur does not belong in this group. It is not mild. I did not like the La Gloria Cubana Artesano either.
I agree 100% with the previous reviewer...this sampler introduced me, an aficionado who has had a life change and was returning to the cigar hobby after a 10 year sabbatical to several of my current regular rotation...RP Conn; Olivo Conn; 5 Vegas Gold...Gran Habano Conn...pruchased 10 of the Gurkha Symphony 6.5x55 as a Joe Cigar special recently because of this sampler !! CI's 5 packs, special offerings, daily deals and overall discounted prices keep premium stix & accessories within the price point for all us little guys!! THANK YOU CI !!
SB of Fontana, CA
I love samplers and have had well over 10 from CI and this is a very nice one. I personally highly enjoy 8 out of these 10 and the other 2 are easy to enjoy as well. At these guys' prices you can buy 2 of whatever it is you like and still save money off retail price of just buying 1!! You can't go wrong at $3.00 a stick, and you can't even buy low end cigars at shops for under $5 and that's low end. Here, you spend like $3 for nothing but the best. Crazy prices and crazy if you don't buy at these prices.
EU of Wilmington, DE
This sampler is good. The 5 Vegas Gold and Alec Bradley American Blend were my favorites. Definitely recommend this for those of you like me who can't seem to decide on 1 specific cigar.
DP of Northford, CT
Not a bad stick in the bunch. All good, all quality smokes. Mild & Mellow indeed
JP of Gilbertsville, PA
A great selection of high end cigars. I've enjoyed the CAO and the Macanudo thus far and look forward to the rest. It's a great sampler to share with friends over a brew or two.
AK of Topton, PA
This is a great sampler, and the prices are crazy low. This sampler allows someone to have a good supply of good smokes. Thanks CI.
KB of Hornbeck, LA
I just recently purchased this sampler for the 2nd time and you really can not go wrong paying like 3 bucks a cigar. I have had the chance to try 7 out of the 10 cigars and the only one I really did not care for was the RP Connecticut. Don't let that deter you though I just did not care for some of the flavors. My favorites were the Alec Bradley American, the CAO Gold Churchill and the Macanudo. The others I did not mention were what I would call a "good every day smoke" I have yet to try the La Gloria Cubana, Gran Habano Connecticut or the Gurkha. Maybe I find another favorite in the ones I have not tried yet.
JT of Hanover, PA
Some were good and some were not.... A first time purchaser recommended yes!
SG of Bend, OR
Great mix of cigars. I thoroughly enjoyed smoking these beauties!
I am purchasing this sampler again to confirm my favorites. #1 by far is the Rocky Patel.
NC of Des Moines, IA
Stopped in the Nazareth store today and grabbed the Mild and Mellow sampler#4 at the door...After dinner I chose the Gran Habano Conn.#1 What a delight! Can't wait to try the rest..
Absolutely fantastic for both!
KG of Fargo, ND
Since I am a noob to the world of cigar smoking, thought I would order the "Mild & Mellow" sampler. So far have loved everyone I have tried, especially the Gurkha & Rocky Patel. Going to be difficult to ever decide on a everyday cigar now. Guess I will just have to keep ordering this sampler as long as they offer it.
JF of Las Vegas, NV
As a novice cigar smoker, I wanted to start with something that I could associate brand names with how they smoked for me. This sampler was an excellent choice. I was surprised to find some of the descriptions didn't match what I expected both good and bad. There were no really BAD cigars in the batch, but I definitely can make more informed purchases in the future.
Simply outstanding sampler!!!
RL of Toa Alta, PR
Decent sampler. Great when you're just starting out and looking to see what you like. The Gurkha cigar alone makes it worth it in my book.
JL of Durham, NC
Super sweet and tasty.
JB of Simpsonville, KY
Delicious sampler, even better price. I will definitely add this into my standard rotation. Thanks CI!
TP of Niles, IL
Just as the name implies, what a delight
DM of Latrobe, PA
great sampler.. thanks again CI...
MG of Billings, MT
Great deal. May have to pick up another real soon.