Ave Maria Knights Templar 5-Pack Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Ave Maria Knights Templar 5-Pack”
“This is my first cigar review ever, and I'm reviewing my first-ever Ave Maria. Got 5 Templars as part of a sampler pack. I don't have a sophisticated palate when it comes to picking out specific flavors, but I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar, particularly the first half to two-thirds. Perfect burn, perfect draw. Flavor through the first half or so was what I'd call nutty and earthy. Very flavorful. Not too spicy -- less so than most of the strong Nicaraguan nicotine bombs I usually favor. As it burned into the second half or so, the spice picked up a bit and I caught a slight bitter note. Enjoyed the first half more, but an excellent stick all around. I tried this one almost straight out of the package. I look forward to trying another after a few weeks in the humi.”
MB of Woodbridge, VA
“This was an outstanding cigar. I figured it as Ave Maria's basic cigar compared to others I've had. Great from start to finish, but not my taste . ”
BG of Fort Knox, KY
“This is a great smoke. Really was surprised and enjoyed”
“this has become my favorite cigar only beating out the diesel by a hair...AJ you rock man!!!!”
RT of Fitzgerald, GA
“1st time trying these & WOW!!! Great stick as far as construction & burn go. The flavor starts out mild, sweet, & creamy & progresses to a little stronger spicy-sweet flavor while maintaining the creaminess throughout. I heard these were good...but I wasn't really expecting this much flavor & enjoyment all the way to the nub!!!”
JT of Twinsburg, OH