The Bender Ender 80-Cigar Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “The Bender Ender 80-Cigar Sampler”
“Had mine for over a few months now.When I want to try something "New",I grab one.At the price,it is much better than I expected. Took them all out of their wrapper,and letting them "age". I have gotten a LOT MORE than I expected,and more than I paid for. "Papigordo" Santo Domingo,Dom.Rep.”
TW of Littleton, MA
“Had a need for every day smokes and found this deal. I've been spoiled by Arturo Fuente and Carrillo but they've been putting a hurting on my bank account each month. Bought this sampler as a way to branch out and try some of the other brands while not killing my wallet and a way to fill my extra humidor. Excited to branch out as I've tried a few CI sampler packs in the past and have only ever had 1 cigar that I would never purchase again.”
SK of Bethlehem, PA
“This is only the second time I have ever given a review on ANYTHING, but these cigars are so damn good! I had to let my fellow cigar lovers know that these sticks are not only good for every day use, but when I have guests over who know their cigars, I take off the label, hand them out, and they are always impressed. I freaking LOVE this Churchill deal!”
JK of Wayzata, MN
“I am a Churchill nut, and I first ordered this Sampler just to see what it was like. I loved it and have now ordered 10 consecutive times; they have different blends, bands but they are all Churchills! I have only had 1 cigar that I can say I did not like but that may have been the way I preserved that particular cigar. Try them; you will ove them!”
“By far, the absolute worst sampler I've tried from CI....(most very loosely rolled) throughout the batch. A few decent, but even the Cohibas that were included were third rate. Never again.”
WT of Lockport, IL
“Basically 15 $1 cigars and 5 $12 Cohibas. Being a smoker of the cheaper brands I always like the samplers where I can try an expensive smoke and see how the richer folks live.”
JD of Newark, NY
“Thank you for a great deal.”
DT of United States, MD
“If you're just getting into smoking cigars, this pack isn't so bad. I've found 3 or 4 brands out of this pack to be worth smoking. Personally, I would suggest going for a higher end sampler for the same price.”
CC of burna, KY
“These are really good cigars. For the price, I wasn't expecting too much, but I have to say these are fantastic! Great flavors, good draws, they burn nice and even...they make great everyday smokes! I highly recommend!”
JK of Wayzata, MN
“great deal; the cigars are fantastic ”
JM of Cypress, TX
“Nice sampler package each have a nice areoma and taste”
JL of Jasper, TX
“Great sampler helped me find some good cheap smokes I never would of discovered ”
GW of Dayton, OH
“What a terrific deal! Great selection. Tons of cigars. Great to fill the humidor and have something for everyone when the guys come over for the game. 80 cigars for a hundred bucks. You have to have them for give aways, and for yourself! There were even several premium cigars in this selection. Just a great deal. A really great deal!”
RM of seabrook, TX
“....But when I finally got them I really did enjoy them the quality was good and I got what I was sold.”
AP of Indianapolis, IN
“Great bundle of cigars unfortunately a lot were too tight to smoke but I'm still very impressed with my order”
CQ of Vacaville, CA