Obsidian 'The Experiment' Sampler Box Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Obsidian 'The Experiment' Sampler Box”
“The Obsidian is quickly becoming my favorite cigar. Every one I have had was equal quality...well packed and firm but still with an even and easy draw and for a medium-full body cigar the flavor is suprisingly...well...smooth. The Experiment sampler contains some wonderful shapes and sizes that are great for a nice long smoke or a "quickie" smoke. Great buy!”
TF of Murfreesboro, TN
“I've smoked 3-4 boxes of these and each cigar is full, smooth, and very tasty--no matter the size. I highly recommend it because if you don't buy them soon, I'll be buying them until they are gone.”
UH of El Cerrito, CA
“easily becoming a favorite of mine everyone of these are fantastic from start to finish ”
SH of Harker Heights, TX
“While I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the samples there were a couple that didn't make the cut. However, I recommend the purchase; remember it is a sampler, and a good one it is.”
“Enjoyed it so much I had to buy a box of 20...”
“Awesome selection, burns very even. wait till you get down to the end all of the flavors are there!! ”
JR of Wasilla, AK
“Amazing!! Going to have to start buying these by the box!”
AW of Homewood, IL
“Oddball assortment of shapes and sizes. Wrappers were somewhat dry and veiny. I would not try these again.”
TH of Rancho Cucamonga, CA