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#6: CAO MX2 and Diesel Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “#6: CAO MX2 and Diesel”

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Both cigars were very good. I really liked the CAO MX2. Great smoke, Great price.
This a great mix. One will set you up and the other will knock you out.
Have only tried the diesel so far, but based on those alone I will reorder this selection. Good flavor, draw, and burn. Great for an after dinner smoke. Look forward to trying the mx2, I hear it's even better. The guy at the CI store steered me in the right direction. Thanks!
Ordered it and recieved it in a timely manner. Absolutely recommend it. The CAO MX2 is a good meaty smoke, but the deisel is outstanding. I wish I could afford to smoke five a day.
Great smokes. I think I prefer the CAO MX2. Rich strong cigar. But smooth. The Diesel was very good too. But the ring gauge and overall flavor of the MX2 is in my top 10.
Two great smokes - worth every penny. The Diesel is a short little cigar but burns nice and slow.
My favorite two Maduro's ordered together for one great price. I have ordered this combination so many times that I have lost count. A few times I have drifted away to try other maduro's. But, I always come back here where I know I will be (fully) satisfied. Mountainman Bob.
The CAO MX2 is one of my favorites, the Diesel is good as well. The only issue I had was with the Diesel staying lit. Each one needed a relight twice before getting to the end and it also seemed to burn uneven. Overall, both good smokes.
2 of my favorites. Great price!
Was really looking forward to the CAO Mx2. I had smoked them before and enjoyed them a great deal. For some reason this order was a big let down. Every Mx2 I smoked has had a terrible draw. The Diesel has been great with no issues.
Love the MX2, chocolate maduro goodness. Not a fan of the Diesel, but not a bad cigar either. Good deal.
Though I'm a devout Drew fan, these 2 always have a place in my humi! Especially the CAO Deuce!
By far my favorite Gentlemen's Deuce. The CAO MX2 is always great and the Diesel is a great full strength cigar with loads of flavor. For the price I don't see how you could go wrong.
So good I ordered it again!
I enjoyed the Diesel but found the MX2 a little mild for my taste. Every cigar I received was of good construction and smoked well.
I've always been a fan of the MX2, this just gave me a chance to try the Diesel line. It burned a little funny, but the flavor was great. Not going to say I got shaky or weak kneed, but it was a pretty powerful stick.