#6: CAO MX2 and Diesel Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “#6: CAO MX2 and Diesel”
“Both cigars were very good. I really liked the CAO MX2. Great smoke, Great price.”
“This a great mix. One will set you up and the other will knock you out.”
DW of Dallas, GA
“So good I ordered it again!”
JM of Castro Valley, CA
“I enjoyed the Diesel but found the MX2 a little mild for my taste. Every cigar I received was of good construction and smoked well.”
CH of Jacksonville, FL
“I've always been a fan of the MX2, this just gave me a chance to try the Diesel line. It burned a little funny, but the flavor was great. Not going to say I got shaky or weak kneed, but it was a pretty powerful stick.”
CV of Palm Bay, FL