La Perla Habana Chunktastic Mega-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Chunktastic Mega-Sampler”
“My review could be copied and pasted from the person who made the last comment. I too thought I was going to receive some outstanding cigars, due to all the hype concerning the La Perla. There was not a single cigar in this sampler I liked, yet I couldn't just toss them. If I spend money on a cigar, rather than waste my money, I endure the smoke. For me, the major flavor in the La Perla is black pepper. I'm talking about spoon full with every draw, leaving your palate burning. Hey! Maybe you're one of those who like that type of cigar.”
DM of Taylor, MI
“I'm sorry to say that La Perla Habana is definitely not one of my favorite cigars. I purchased the Chunktastic sampler to try all 5 different kinds. I really thought I'd like these cigars. I really WANTED to like them. But despite having rave reviews 90+ point ratings, I can honestly say I didn't like any of them. The cigars are beautifully constructed & the burn was more or less even. However, smoking them was dreadful. The flavor did not agree with my palate at all and they always seemed to dry out my mouth severely. No other cigar I smoke does this. Of course, this is all my personal taste & opinion. Clearly, the cigar is loved by many others. But I doubt I'll ever buy them again.”
CY of Lawndale, CA