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La Perla Habana Perfecto Mega-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Perfecto Mega-Sampler”
These came recomended so the sampler sale and shape sold me. The taste and experience will keep me forever! In my opinion they are ALL tasty with the red label my absolute favorite. Product description is right on, though reminds me a bit of how a fine pipe tobacco tastes and smells.
CA of Canal Winchester, OH
Nice, nice sampler here - love the classic perfecto shape. Some real depth in this sampler - from medium to fully engaging. Slow burning, tightly packed, even burning - a very, very nice sampler. Highly recommended.
CJ of Averill Park, NY
I love these cigars. I'm on my second 20 pack and about to order a third. I consider them one of the best I have purchased and I have been smoking cigars for 15 years. I am suprised they are not better known. The perfecto shape is what initially got me to try them out and the outstanding burn and bountiful taste of all five wrappers is what has kept me coming back. These cigars maintain a high position in my rotation, you can't go wrong.
WY of Vero Beach, FL
I enjoyed this sampler, but would only purchase the Classic and Rojo if ordering again. In addition, I don't care for the shape of the cigar, and would much rather have it in a 6 X 54 Toro. They burn great, stay pretty well even all the way down, and well constructed. You will need some time to smoke one of these, and there are some real robust ones in this group.
DM of Taylor, MI
La Perla Habana are very good cigars. Every one of these are excellent in construction burn and flavor. The rojo is definitely my favorite. I never had a "creamy" cigar but this was the first. It coats your palate with a thick cream. Weird but very good (not weird flavor, just weird that smoke can coat with a cream). These all taste so good that they are addicting. I want to stay smoking all day long.
CQ of Harrison, NY
This is by far one of the best samplers in the market. I keep these in my humidors. I've already ordered them 5 times. If you are the type of person that enjoy different tastes, different strengths, and different aromas, this sampler is the ticket. You can't go wrong.
I bought these on a whim because I love double perfectos. Don't be fooled by the price. These are some of the best daily smokes that you can buy. Great burn and great flavor. These have found a special place in my heart!
MH of Vancouver, WA
Whoa!!! This is the 2nd time I ordered the Mega-Sampler. Every cigar is a treat with no maintenance. All are even burning and no doubt that these beefy Perfecto's are the best deal for the price. This is a brand that has been around for a long time and I compare these cigars to any of the top new brands on the market. Thank you CI for making this sampler for us cigar lovers.
PT of DeLand, FL
I'm a big fan of perfecto's, especially for how even of a burn you usually get, and these cigars are no exception. They burn well, taste great, and are a decent value. I'll definitely order these again!
FB of Rolla, MO
You want a good, solid cigar to sit outside by the outdoor fireplace? Get a bundle of La Perla Habana Perfecto Mega-Sampler! You will be happy, happy, happy...what more does a manly man need but a good cigar, a beer, and an outdoor fireplace? Great deal. Chicks dig a man with a cigar.
WD of Wilmington, NC
Reasons to buy: 5 great premium blends, 20 stout 6 by 60 gars, every ones favorite popular perfecto shape and best of all, its all for under 60 bucks! Now say thank you.
I'm a big fan of perfecto's, these are awesome cigars for a buck.
The shape got me, the taste kept me. This sampler is worth 2x the cost. I hope CI doesn't take that seriously, but these cigars are delicious. I definitely recommend if you enjoy mild smokes.
SC of Oakwood, OH
I like these ok but why so cryptic on the bands. You need a cross reference list to tell what cigar you are smoking.
Beautiful sampler. Nice selection, unbeatable price. Don't hesitate to grab one or two. I'll be reviewing each cigar individually so no need to add more here. Just buy 'em
SS of Chapin, SC
Don't believe the hype. I'm a cigar smoker for many years and just smokes all 20 overs a two week period. First the good news. Construction of the stick is very nice and I love the shape. The bad news is that no matter what the color of the wrapper or band they all taste the same...
OM of Staten Island, NY
This sampler is a great buy. No draw issues, great flavor, and a fair price. If you're looking for cigars that fit your budget and aren't a waste of time or money, this is it.
SW of Akron, OH
La Perla clearly knows what makes a good cigar. This sampler pack is fantastic! Though, I do agree with RM of ST PETERSBURG, FL in that it would be helpful to include a reference guide breaking down each stick by the label color and what goes into each. Love the Classic and the Rojo, while the Morado is also quite good. Easy draw, even burn, medium ash… I probably should have tried all 5 before writing this review, but excitement got the best of me. Best Birthday gift in years. Thanks Mama! Pair the Habana Classic with a Woodford Reserve…you're welcome.
PS of Decatur, GA
Exceptional experience! Every variety a winner from La Perla Habana (Maduro and Natural). Like a smorgasbord for your various cravings.
This sample is great! The perfecto size is perfect. La Perla Habana taste really comes through with each puff. Smooth mellow medium full body, burn very well. This is my third sampler. The only thing I would like to see is a couple of different types of black pearls in it. There are 4 or five others in the La Perla Habana line that are great smokes as well. I highly recommend this for any cigar smokers. It is a every day great smoke and with this CI price you cannot go wrong.
WO of El Paso, TX