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Man O' War Dirty Dozen Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Man O' War Dirty Dozen Sampler”
Let's start with the Virtue... buttery smooth, fantastic draw, long ash, and consistant flavor and burn. My favorite mild - medium cigar. It's as close to a perfect light smoke as I've ever had. The regular Man 'O War cigar is equally well constructed, but much more full-bodied. Again, superb construction, draw, burn and flavor. An excellent medium - full cigar with lots of consistant flavor. Ruination... The King of the line. Flawless full-flavored cigar. The construction, burn and draw are outstanding, as is the appearance. The flavor is very complex and changes throughout the smoke, but never becomes bright or hot - even at the last inch of the cigar. This is my favorite cigar - bar none. I haven't had the slightest issue with any of the main-line MOW cigars. This sampler is a great deal for conniseurs and beginners alike. Excellent cigars at an excellent price!
RM of Delmar, NY
Only smoked the Virtue thus far - want to humidify this lot over the winter, but couldn't wait. Great looking cigar, near perfect wrapper. GREAT experience overall. Great medium-mild flavor. Draw was just right, and a slow even burn: had at least two inches of firm ash, very impressive construction. Lots of smoke. I assume the Ruination and straight Man o War will be fabulous as well. CI is correct in pushing these. Few products shake out the way you want and live up to what others tell you, but the Virtue delivers. I'm a fan.
CC of Concord, MA
Great sampler. No bad ones in the bunch. Had a couple of them with some wrapper issues, but nothing I couldn't handle. My 1-3 ranking goes Virtue, Orig. MOW, Ruination. Virtue is amazing, Orig. MOW is great and the Ruination is pretty good, but you had better be in the mood for a FULL FLAVOR experience with that one. I will be buying this sampler again.
BH of Adair, OK
MOW Dirty dozen; well once again AJ's full bodied tobacco is top notch. I wonder why they rate the MOW virtue as mild-med. To me its med-full bodied without a doubt. The MOW flagship robusto is the finest, tastiest I've smoked yet and the MOW runiation I haven't got to yet but by the looks of them, they wont disapoint either. I hit bingo on CI's whack a deal and picked up the twelve pack for $29 and some change. What a deal. UMPF
A great deal on some great sticks. Man O' War is a great line and this offers a full range.
RC of Philadelphia, PA
Virtue, Man O' War & Ruination. The 3 flagship blends of what may be A. J. Fernandez's master stroke of genius. All available in 1 nifty sampler at a significant discount. I could pontificate for hours on the virtues (pun intended) of Man O' War products, but the best way to know bliss, is to pony up & order the Dirty Dozen Sampler. You won't be sorry. Ranging from mild/ medium to full, they are robust, complex & just plain delicious! All 3 have earned a spot in my rotation.
What I love the best besides a right-on flavor: the construction of these MOW is one of, if not the best, in the business. Truly pleased! Thanks again, CI
BJ of Shoreham, NY
I love a great smoke from Man O' War. These cigars were top notch. I was surprised by Virtue's smoke. I thought it was going to be a typical weak flavored cigar but Man O' War proved me wrong. Man O' War Original always satisfies, but Ruination upped the ante just a bit more with its flavor palette. I will definitely keep these bad boys in rotation to my humidor.
TC of Fredericksburg, VA
What a selection! Wow!!!! It had a little bit of everything and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad I got them when they were $15.00 off.
DH of Chicago, IL
Awesome, Awesome!!!!
Great cigars, fast delivery, just awesome!