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Gran Habano 3 SLS Torpedo Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gran Habano 3 SLS Torpedo”

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A very spicy cigar right out of the box. However, after only a week in my humidor, the pepper did seem to mellow and a much more complex and rich profile emerged. Quickly becoming a very big fan!
I smoked my 2nd Torpedo this afternoon and I am pleasantly surprised on how good of a smoke this is. It is clearly a 90+ rated gem, imo. Great flavor profiles throughout and it never hesitated to deliver throughout the 90+ minutes of smoking time. At less than $3 per stick, these are an exceptional value. I highly recommend them!
I don't know about you guys but the Gran Habano 3 SLS was a disappointment. A good looking cigar with nice color and two fancy bands that make it look quite the standout, but when you start to smoke the Gran Habano, it disappoints. It became soft with an uneven burn that smoked way too quick....I smoked over five of these cigars and they were all the same.
Taking in consideration that I'm one of the few they do not care for the taste of black pepper, this wasn't a cigar that I would smoke. I use the word few, since a great deal of descriptions use the word pepper to encougage people to try them. Plus, my son just told me he loves the hints of pepper in his cigars. Keeping that in mind, I will say that this is a great looking cigar. and if you like heavy black pepper on each draw then you will love it. The cigar is well constructed, even though I had a bit of a burn problem (staying even) on all 4 of the samples I received. Not enough to where it would prevent me from purchasing more if I cared for the flavor. It is a cigar that has a long burn time, and many of you will love it unless your like me when it comes to black pepper. CI said it had dashes, but it seemed more like spoon fulls of the black spice, leaving my palate num.
Incredible smoke! I watched two video reviews of the stick, and they both gave it so-so ratings--nothing special. Wow, were they wrong. Better than some $15 sticks in my humidor. I am ordering more, right now.
This is an awesome cigar. This cigar was reminiscent of the Cuban cigars I smoked in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a GREAT cigar! I will order some more.