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NUB Top-Ten Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “NUB Top-Ten Sampler”

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being a soldier, you very rarely find enjoyment, but with any thing that comes from CI, it's well worth it...
I love Nubs, and I love this offer!!!!! 10 Nubs for $30? Come on now!!! How can you not buy these at this price? My humidor will be full to the brim thanks to this Joe's deal!!
It's a nub fiesta at CI. No where else can I find nubs at such a low price as this lovely site. Thank God for Joe-Allstars, because now I can fill my humidor with as many nubs as I want without breaking the bank. At first glance, these little beauties seem like a rip-off being so short in size. But in reality, these tasty treats have quite a large girth, and even smoke as long as normal length cigars. The flavor is amazing with all of the blends. The conn. is soo smooth and flavorful, never bitter, it always leaves you satisfied. I love them all, and now I can afford to HAVE them all too! I'd pick this sampler up before it goes off special, so that you may to be in cigar heaven.
Nubs taste alright ( I still prefer the Olivas) but the ring gauge has its flaws: When you draw on a ring size this gigantic it opens your throat wider and leaves me with a burned out dry throat. This may sound crazy but for some reason, those box pressed sticks seem to fit just right. There's also a cigar called the "Man-O-War Side Project" that boasts a completley unique tip as well that I am eager to try. If you're checking out Nubs then you are already adventurous!
got'm. love'm! I get what these bad boys are all about now. I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to buy such a short cigar at first, but they really hit the spot. Nice firm ash, great smoke right off the light, and the ring size ensures a 30 to 40 minute smoke. I'll buy again!
Just smoked the NUB Maduro. Thought I would have a quick 20 mins smoke based upon its size. Actually lasted 1 hour. Great cigar. One of my favorites so far. Will be buying the 10 pack to try others in the NUB family. Highly recommend and will keep these on hand in my humidor.
This sampler has been a true enjoyment to smoke. Every cigar was great I could not complain at all. I had to order a box of my favorites! Everyone I have recomeneded this to try this brand has been equally impressed. NUB is one of my favorites that will always have a place in my humidor.
Great sampler, awesome cigars, nice price! If you like big rings this is what you wanna go for!
Love this sampler, tasty little suckers.