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Oliva Serie 'V' Sampler Box Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Oliva Serie 'V' Sampler Box”

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Definitely deserves the 94 rating. Great smoke!
Beautifully packaged, my Oliva's arrived safely and in perfect condition. I'm enjoying my first one right now. To start, it had a really, really tight draw. I had to relight a couple times. After snipping off a bit more, I am now getting a smooth effortless draw and a nice, thick smoke. Nice flavor, nothing to complain about, but not my favorite. I'm new to cigar smoking so my palate probably isn't fully educated. I got this sampler box for a great price though the Make an Offer section. At that price point they are a good buy, but I wouldn't ever buy these at full price.
I'm an Oliva fan 'til the day I die. But bias aside, these are some of the greatest cigars one will ever come across. I've smoked a lot of "V's" and everyone reminds me why I love cigars so much. This box is worth the two special Diademas alone. I am smoking one of them right now. There are no words.
Oh it's so wonderful, oh it's so tasty! 'm calling BS on the Olivia V. YES! It is a wonderful cigar but if I'm paying $7 a pop at CI,I better be able to smoke these babies to the nub. Not the case with the Olivia V. The torpedoes have a tendency to "turtle" toward the end the rest absorb too much saliva to keep it burning properly. I'm no snob but let's call a spade a spade.
Pretty sure it's a 92 rated, but it's a damn good cigar, my favorite so far. I was a mild-medium type player & now my taste profile has developed to a full strength & I REALLY enjoyed the V. It's got a decent price & set the standard for me, habano wrapper & nicarguan origin is what I hunt for now.
Nice little sampler. I like the size variety and of course I love the cigars themselves.
One of my favorites for flavor and draw. Smooth all the way to your finger tips!
94 rating for sure; can't go wrong. I smoked one and am saving the rest for later.
This is a GREAT full body smoke.
A great variety of flavor, smoking times and strength levels. If you haven't had a Serie V, it's a must try, and what better way than the sampler?
Great cigars.....Clearly the best from Oliva
Oliva Serie V is one of my favorite cigars along with a lot of other aficionados. Nice draw, great release and just the right amount of fuse on the palate.
The longer you age, the better it gets...