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CAO Cuban Press Sampler Box Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.75 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO Cuban Press Sampler Box”

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5 out of 5
CAO is top notch!
Excellent cigars and a decent price, that being said I can't for the life of me choose a favorite! A Must Try!
5 out of 5
Great smoke for a short drive
5 out of 5
I thank Cigar International for making my brothers birthday the best! He received his order and loved the cigars that I ordered. He was the talk of his cigar club that he belongs to. Thanks for such a great deal on done awesone cigars for my brother!
4 out of 5
CAO Box Press
You know, I tend to be a little late catching the latest new cigars. I'm the kind to make a 'mental note' that when I see something in the CI catalogue, I'm like....hmmm, that SOUNDS great, but let's see how the people who smoke them, like them. So then, it's another few weeks until people's reviews start showing up..THEN, I make ANOTHER 'mental note' about the reviews. Such was the case with these CAO Boxed Pressed I sampled. They came out a LONG time ago and the packaging and cigars looked magnificent! I just LOVE 95% of CAO cigars. The only one that doesn't fit me is the CAO MX with the double Maduro wrapper. However, the rest are just fantastic....why? Because CAO thinks outside the box. They're not happy to just sit back and make a mediocre cigar...hell, anybody can do THAT! Not CAO. They keep their noses in some of the finest tobacco leaves and CREATE!! And THAT IMis why I LOVE CAO. From the Italia with a sprinkling of Italian grown tobacco, to the America, a GEM with the Barber pole wrapper. I don't mind being patient, even a couple of YEARS since release. The CAO Boxed Pressed Cuban sampler was worth the wait!!
Customer Testimonials
Only one of my favorites in this box, but I'm open to new styles.
I just hit the daily double....I like one brand samplers and I like box pressed.
The CAO Cuban Press sampler is way better than "good". If you are a CAO fan, this is worth trying. The Italia, Brasilia, and LX2 are beauitful cigars in this format, taking on a distinctly different evolution from the other sizes I have tried. Compared to the Italia "Ciao", the box-press comes right out swinging, then tames a bit. Pretty much the same flavor profile, but I find the box-press to be a bit more potent tasting and showing a wee bit more spice. I would asy that the Brasilia has a similar change from the "Gol" size, but not quite as drastic as the change in the Italia. The LX2 is delicious and rich, a potent stick. I find the box-press format to lend to the strength of this smoke - all the way through, it seems to have a fuller flavor than the Robusto size that I have had. The MX2 is myleast favorite of this grouping, but it does carry classic maduro flavor. It also has quite a differnt profile, but to my taste it was not as complimentary as the other blends. In all, this is a worthwhile package, very enjoyable. And of course, excellent packaging typical of CAO!