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CAO Dream Team Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CAO Dream Team Sampler”

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Great sampler from a great brand! At $3 a stick it's hard to argue with this one. Enjoy!
one of the best samplers out there !
Placing orders for samplers is an on going process, in order to smoke as many different brands as possible. While there are samplers that are not as well as others. Never have I received any that were classified a waste of money, and CI has to receive the credit for putting these together. However, this CAO Dream Team is worthy of a certificate of praise being awared to this company. Each cigar has it's own flavor, with not a single one being bad. Sure, there will be those you like less than others in the sampler, but the ones you like will outweigh the difference. This is a great price, great cigars, and well worth your order.
Excellent cigars, excellent price, buy em and enjoy em! Yum!
I was looking for a small sampler to hold me over for a couple of weeks. Have been a big fan of the Brazilia for some time. This sampler let me experience many of their line...and all were enjoyable. Highly encourage you to give them a try.
What a fantastic CAO variety. Obviously the Brazilia is a phenomenal stick. I am definately a newcomer to cigars, but this was a great starter pack for the price. Heard good things about CAO and decided to try this sampler. Italia is not quite to my taste but still a great smoke. The Black is a very good stoagie, and the others have yet to become unearthed, still working on it.
Every 'gar in this sampler is incredible. At this quality and price I'm not sure there's a better deal out there right now.
Such a great sampler. My favorite cigar out of this one has to be hands down the Italian
If you like CAO, you will love this! A great selection of their best. For the price it makes them even better!
Amazing sampler, I'm a huge fan of the Brazilia, and MX2. The VR and Black were firsts for me and are tasty cigars I would recommend to anyone. Not a fan of the Italia though, good smoke, but not up to snuff with the others in this sampler.
Absolutely amazing! The Brazilias are my favorite so far but who knows, I've got about 6 to go. For the money it's a steal and I'll be ordering another soon!
The best cigars in this sampler by far, are the Italia and Moby you can bet on it. From start to finish, both stayed consistent with same aroma and flavor right to end. Italia characterized by cedary, little spicy full flavored with a sweet finish. Moby is on par with that yet not spicy and extremely delicious aroma. Absolutely amazing. The Mx2 was flat and so was the Brazilia - just ok.
I bought this sampler because I'm new to cigars and I have been trying to find "the one", The cigar I am proud to hand out to my family members who join me in the occasional enjoyment of a cigar. Anyway, I bought the sampler as a result of another sampler, the CI Taster Pack, the CAO Gold was by far my favorite from that sampler so I thought to go with this. Boy am I glad I did, there is not one cigar in here I did not love. My favorite is the Brazilia and second would be the MX2 but again, every one of these was amazing, the best cigars I have had yet and CAO is the first brand that I have tried where I didn't find a cigar I didn't like.
Most of these cigars cracked and came apart on me, never again! I will stick with Man o War and Diesel.
First time I have tried CAO and I like this cigar sample. A must for any smoker.
Every one of them fantastic. However, the Italia is the best followed closely by the Black.
Great sampler! I liked everyone of the sticks and loved the Brazilia. The Italia wasn't my kind of cigar but it would in no way keep me from ordering this sampler again. Thanks CI!
A smoke for every occasion in this sampler, from the golf course to the bar patio. I think I'm on my 3rd one. I love these CI samplers to add a little variety in my humidor. Problem is keeping them in there.
Come on. What can I say? Dream Team Sampler!
Great sampler, great price.
In exchange for my money, CI sent me this delightful sampler. Hard to beat this price, and all of them were in excellent condition. Just do it.
One of the top 2-3 samplers ever, price-wise. $3 a stick for some quality cigars? Can't beat this one.
Was saving this Dream Sampler for a rainy day in my humidor. However, this summer is very, very dry here in Washington. Started with MX2 and went down the line. CAO is now on my GO TO list. My taste or smell was not disappointed! Great “teaser sampler”. Thanks CI.
Excellent cigars. Good draw, great flavors.......GO FOR IT!
GREAT STOGIES!!...and they GOT ME on the Make Me An Offer I paid $6 MORE than it is advertised here just 12 hours them while you can at $29.99...and smoke them for 20% less than what I'm smoking the same thing for!
Enjoyed every cigar in this sampler. My two favorites were the MX2 and the Brazilia. Smooth smoke and I prefer the medium to full cigars. All were good however, highly recommend!
Not a bad stick in the bunch. The rich and full flavors of this sampler will keep you coming back for more!
One word "delicious"!
This is by far my favorite sampler CI has to offer. There is not a bad cigar in here and u get to sample the full range of what CAO has to offer.
Excellent cigars. Nice clean burn all the way through. I would definitely recommend trying.
CAO has become my favorite line of cigars. In my opinion CAO has outstanding quality to price ratio and this sampler just makes it even better. Every cigar in this line-up is a superb performer in every way plus its a nice variety to boot. SALUTE! to CI for a job well done!
Bargain for the quality. Reordered.
Great sampler! A must try!
Got the sampler due to my love for CAO Brazilia and CAO America which is not in the sampler. Still it is a great sampler. Brazilia is a great smoke and Italia I must say was very decent also. The Mx2 is a great smoke plus CAO Black mmmmmm. Not a big fan of light wrapper cigars so the one with the Connecticut wrapper was my least favorite not to the point where I would throw it out but one of them I smoked and one was a nice gift to a friend. Overall, all the cigars have good smoke output and draw, the burn is even and the flavor is definitely them.
This CAO sampler is by far the best sampler I've ever tasted! After searching for that "go to" cigar for so long I can finally say I've found it! Give me that CAO Brazilia Gol! for a smooth, dark, flavorful, consistent and value friendly cigar! Even the retro-hale on this cigar is smooth and enjoyable! The other sticks were also very enjoyable in this sampler! Thanks C.I.! NO! I Really Mean It! Thanks!
Great sampler! Bought this before they came out with the CAO 15-Cigar Super-Sampler. For the extra $10, get 5 more amazing smokes. You won't regret this deal!
Nothing but trouble. You think you will just try this sampler and maybe find one or two that you like. So you get it and eventually smoke each one only to discover that you freakin love them all! So now you have to buy a bigger humidor so that you can store all the freakin CAO's that you will no doubt be craving! Then your wife gets mad about all the boxes of cigars that keep coming in the mail. Like I said, nothing but trouble!
This was a decent overall sampler. They are all new to me aside from the Brazilia, which is obviously a great cigar. I have had all but the Italia so far. The MX2 is amazing! The Black and VR are both decent, but on the mild side. Overall a great deal.
You simply cannot go wrong with CAO. A total of (6) Mx2, Italia, and Brazilia, and worth the price alone. I'm truly tempted to re-order every single time I log onto CI.
Just awesome. These are great. Came in good shape too!
Love them, I found a favorite in the Italia.
Every one of these will make you happy. Great cigars with great taste and you will absolutely enjoy them until they are gone. The Brazilia was my favorite.
These cigars are beautiful! I haven't smoked them all yet, but of course, smoked the Brazilia ASAP and it was perfect. I can't wait to smoke the rest!
Before buying this sampler, I had only tried a couple of the CAO cigars. I figured this was a good way to try all of them. I am pleased with the condition and I look forward to getting to try all of them over time.
Always a big fan of CAO and this sampler was the perfect purchase. A lot of big 90 players in this bunch, and for the price, was a delicious treat! Where else can you get 10 great sticks for $2.99 a piece? Highly recommend this to CAO fans or newbies.
GREAT SAMPLER. Admittedly this was the first cigar sampler I bought, but was not disappointed. All CAOs are good cigars, but the highlight of this sampler the Italia Caio...loved the mellower spice note and the sweet finish. Also liked the MX2 and the Brazillian, but the Italia was the star in my book.
I have bought this sampler before and it is delicious I fell in love with the MX2 and the VR they were out of stock on the VR so I ordered two more samplers, hopefully they will have more so I can order a box of each next time great smoke! !