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5 Vegas 'Tradicion' Humidor Combo Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.61 out of 5 Based on 31 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas 'Tradicion' Humidor Combo”

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4 out of 5
5 Vegas Tradition Humidor Combo
Very nice humidor, and excellent cigars.
3 out of 5
It's a nice box...
Very nice box! Made well and looks beautiful but has a hard time starting moist.
5 out of 5
Good deal some of the cigars were no good
5 out of 5
Very nice humidor for the
Very nice humidor for the price. And the cigars are an added bonus
5 out of 5
Vegas Rocks
Awesome humidor, great artwork bigger than i thought it would be. The 30 pack that came with the box are smooth.
5 out of 5
Amazing in every way!
Love this humidor! Holds humidity like a champ with the sure seal technology, and holds a ton of cigars. I'm using a jar of. Humicare, as well as the built in humidifier. Season it properly and it will hold humidity. Looks awesome and very well built.
5 out of 5
nice offer
humidor is nice and the cigars were just what i liked
5 out of 5
Beautiful Humidor!
From what I can tell its a good humidor. It looks even better in person. Shipping was fast and the cigars were in great shape when they arrived. Will be buying from CI again!
5 out of 5
Great humidor. Highly recommend
Great humidor. Highly recommend
5 out of 5
Great first time
Quick delivery, even overseas. Way to go, CI!
5 out of 5
Couldn't be happier!
Ordered the 5 Vegas 'Tradicion' Humidor Combo which included 30 cigars of various flavors, as well as everything needed to get the humidor up & running. My husband was THRILLED when he opened this on Christmas day! He set it up the same day in within a few hours the humidity was at a perfect 70%, and it hasn't fluctuated since. He has smoked 2 or 3 of the cigars & absolutely loves them. Excellent buy, I am so glad I decided to surprise him with this! The Humidor is very very attractive, rich in colors & the detail is absolutely beautiful! The photo does not do it justice! Do not hesitate to make this purchase, especially if this is your first humidor :)
5 out of 5
Loved it!
Gave it as a Christmas gift and he loved it! Was perfect to get him started; just the right size and amount of cigars - Excellent
5 out of 5
Well pleased
Well pleased
5 out of 5
Humidor and Vegas
Great cigars and beautiful humidor. Love CI, great products at great prices.
1 out of 5
Great Looking Doesn't Hold Humidity
Very disappointed with the humidor. I figured I would end up with one that doesn't seal, and I was right. I wasted a lot of time trying to season this thing and get it to seal properly, but had no luck. Now it's just a cool box I keep accessories in.
5 out of 5
Do you need a humidor? Buy this one.
If you're looking for a new humidor (or another one, because what are horizontal surfaces in your house for, but for holding yet another humidor?) this is one hell of a deal - the humidor is well made, gorgeous, and spacious. The included dial hygrometer, and humidifier bar and jar are just icing on the cake, not so much gear that you feel it's a waste if you want different stuff, but just enough to get the humidor started without buying a whole lot extra (though I suggest some HumiCare seasoning wipes and Boveda humidification packets in your preferred humidity level). In addition, you get 30 great 5 Vegas Churchills to christen your new box, and all of that for one super low price. And let me tell you, these are some exceptional sticks of tastiness, including some 90+ rated Classics. Your friends will admire your taste in home decoration, and in tasty, tasty 'gars.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas 'Tradicion' Humidor 30 Cigar Combo
This is my first Humidor so i have nothing to compare it to . But from everything i have read on how to prepare and maintain a cigar humidor it is doing exactly what it needs to do and it is really nice to look at . As far as the 30 5 Vegas cigars that came with it , well whats not to like , i love them all .
5 out of 5
Great Humidor
I was surprised at the quality and appearance of this humidor. Well crafted, great finish. Highly recommend.
4 out of 5
Good first humidor and filler cigars
Nice Humi. No real issues to speak of, one corner on the inside is a little loose but does not seem to hamper the functionality. The gars that were included are pretty tasty too. I'd recommend it to others for sure as a first humidor. I wish all humidors did not come with an analog hygrometer. If you buy this grab yourself a digital hygrometer.
5 out of 5
What a deal !! Even my wife was impressed.
You hardly need to review this deal. This is a beautifully made humidor, that looks more like furniture. Well built. Nice and tight. Several dividers to group your cigars. Seasoned it in 72 hours, and holding 70% humidity. The Hydrometer actually works and was easy to calibrate. And of course, you can never go wrong with 5 Vegas cigars.
2 out of 5
The humidor doesn’t seal that great thus making it difficult to keep the proper temp/humidity.
4 out of 5
Great humidor for the price!
Pleasantly surprised! Nice size humidor, needed the starter kit to get everything working. Hygrometer was not easily adjusted, ended up springing for a digital one but everything else considered a great deal, especially when you through in 30 cigars on top of that. Humidity level has been fairly consistent after 24 hours.
5 out of 5
love your service. Best in the business
5 out of 5
I am very please with the 5 Vegas Tradicion humidor - no problem keeping humidity at a steady 67 to 70 with the jar provided. The selection of cigars was excellent also. I have since ordered more and work the 5 begas cigars into the normal smoking selection.
5 out of 5
Great Deal
The humidor is of the quality I was hoping it would be. Great deal.
5 out of 5
Perfect gift
i got this for my brother who is newer to cigars. He absolutely loves it! He burned the crappy humidor he got second hand and just loves this one!
5 out of 5
Love it!
I've been eyeing this combo for weeks reading reviews. One night I decide to just purchase it. I'm glad I did great quality nice sturdy box. The humidor has stayed at a perfect 70% humidity. The cigars are good too. Don't pass this up.
5 out of 5
Great customer service
Easy Process to get what you need, friendly staff
5 out of 5
Love it
love it, the cigars are wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better humidor for the money.
5 out of 5
Best There Is
Love it!!! It is just friggin cool looking and very well built. Throw in 30 awesome cigars and you can't not buy this thing!!
5 out of 5
Vagas 5 Tradicion Awesome Humidor & The Cigars are top notch also.
Best Humidor I have Found At any Cost. But These Are a steel. 70% Humidty With No Baby Sitting Love It. I Have Two One at Home & one in my Office. My boss & two other custermers Also Purchase The Vagas 5 Deal and all are very Happy! Thanks CI You Guys & Gals Are Great!
Customer Testimonials
Love it! Wonderful cigars, and I couldn't ask for a better humidor for the price.
Very good sampler, highly recomened to everyone. Humidor is of good quality and makes for decorative piece in any office or mancave.
I just bought this combo and I have to say its freaking sweet. Thank you everyone for your reviews. It was very helpful. This thing is awesome and well designed. Much bigger than I had assumed which I like because I didn't want a little sissy cigar humidor. Overall, I'm very pleased and I can say money well spent. Way too nice for a gift.
Bought this humidor combo in the Hamburg megastore, and I have absolutely no complaints. The box holds its humidity perfect at 72 and it has for a few months now. I wanted to buy a 100 count humi and still have a little wiggle room to start to stock it. Well, what better way then to get a beautiful humi with 30 premium sticks included? My only complaint with this whole thing, is that I was not able to upgrade and get the gift set for 10 more in the store, but it is still on the site. I wish I could have gotten that and this would have been perfect. Still is!!
My house burned down 27 Dec, everybody is okay but I lost everything including my cigars and humidor. Starting from scratch again and ordered the 5 Vegas sampler. Arrived yesterday. WOW CI, beautiful humidor, I needed a pick me up and tried the Gold series---thank-you for a much needed boost!
Beautiful humidor and very tasty cigar.
This is the best deal of all cigar deals ever!!! This is my first large humidor and I love it! Very well made and looks really nice! It's heavy and has a nice seal, plus you can lock it. The analog hygrometer works pretty good. To make the humidor even sweeter is the thirty 5 Vegas cigars that come with it! If you are looking to purchase a larger humidor or your first then get this one!!!
it's a massive box with tons of space and is quite beautiful to look at with a good weight to it
This is the nicest humidor i have got its beautiful and seals well pluss thirty smokes of the bat its a great deal
Fantastic!!! Humidor is a great looking piece. Holds humidity well. Tried all of the cigars and they are great. Get this one, you wont be disappointed......THANX CI!!
Beautiful humidor; solid construction; quality materials used; great seal. Cheap magnets on humidification device, does not adhere to humidor/device; Analog hygrometer not accurate (duh; get a digital one).
This is very nice Humidor. Only had to Season it Once and it holds at 70 % was surprised for the Size. This picture does no Justice. Did I mention only had to Season it ONCE.... 70%
This is humidor is a beautiful piece of wood,besides the fact that its my first big humidor.The humidor has no problem keeping a 70 humidity,without any touch ups.It looks great on my furniture,turning heads to who ever sees it.Thank you CI for this humidor cigar combo..keep the deals coming!!!
IMO this is an awesome deal - I am starting to get back into cigars and this combo was perfect for me. 100 count 5 Vegas humidor that looks amazing and is well built, that alone was worth the price - the 30 cigar bundle from 5 Vegas was just an awesome extra. Thanks CI!
Once again CI has came through with a helluva good deal. The cigars alone are almost worth the price. Humidor is awesome looking and with the heavy lid and sure seal I know this thing is gonna be great keeping my sticks fresh. Only smoked the original Vegas but if the other two are as well crafted as the original I know they'll be great. Thanks again CI
I managed to snag this humidor combo at a discount, and I would have gladly bought it at the $150 price tag these guys graciously give it away at. This has without question been the fastest stabilizing humidor I've ever seasoned, reaching exactly 70% RH in perfect equilibrium within 24 hours, accessories and all, and verified with several digital hygrometers (something which I would highly recommend purchasing along with this or any new humidor). The gel accompanying the humidifier brick that comes with this fine work of art work is extremely useful, is the appropriate size, and will make keeping your sticks happy a breeze. I'm a huge fan of 5 Vegas cigars and can sing nothing but praises about their fine cigar craftsmanship. I'm sure you will be too after purchasing this beauty. This thing can easily hold the purported 100 count it carries, unlike a lot of humidors which usually fall short (especially after adding proper humidification devices). If you are new to cigars, looking to upgrade to mid-size, or want a great gift to a friend, this is the way to go. You would be hard-pressed to find a better deal.
Well I'm just a newby at this and I've loved cigars ever sense my dad gave me my first cuban for my 18th birthday so I knew right then I needed my own humidor. when this humidor came in I was absolutely blown away! It looked absolutely amazing, and it was huge! Me and my dad both lit up a 5 vegas gold and I couldn't believe how amazing this whole thing was! Amazing cigars, amazing humidor, it is definitely a must have for anyone!
Received my in the mail quickly and was very pleased at the size. Could easily hold a Churchill. Took my time seasoning this although I was getting consistent reading after just 1 day. Seal is great, humidifier doesn't need upgrading, but I would get yourself a digital hygrometer, which you can add to you order right here on CI. The cigars they came with, what a steal! I basically got 30 amazing cigars for free. This is a deal you can't pass up on, especially if you're in the market for a new humi.
Just got my 5 Vegas humidor and sampler in today. Very excited. I'm currently deployed but still the humidor and cigars arrived in excellent condition. Looked for the instructions but found none, but it's pretty dummy proof. I just had to research the use of the large rectangular humidifier. I put both the rectangular and jar humidifiers in there to kick start the humidity from them traveling through such dry conditions here. I look forward to trying one in a few days once the humidity levels stablize. Thanks CI, product is great!!!
Just received this BEAUTIFUL piece. Let me tell you the pictures do not do justice, it is outstanding quality and what comes with it you can"t beat it. CI's attention to shipping is second to none. The humidor arrived in perfect condition. If you are looking for a attention getter this is the one. Thank you CI.
This was one of those , should I buy it or not , kind a deals , and boy I'm glad I did. When it arrived , I simply followed the directions which were fool proof ,and now I'm up and running. I also crap-canned the rectangled humidifier that it came with , and used the supplied crystals instead. Now , after three days in the humi , my 5 Vegas combo is producing delicious premium cigars. If you were like me , spending five to six bucks on a pack of cheap gas station sticks , do yourself a favor and upgrade to this , you wont believe you wasted all this time and taste. Enjoy!!!!
I picked this up so I could give away and smoke a few good cigars when my daughter is born. The humidor exceeds all expectations, it is beautiful, it's heavy and it has lots of space. My wife doesn't care that I put it on our dresser as it's just a good looking box. It is heavy and well made and it closes up smooth. I have had it about 3 days and the cigar are good but the humidor is amazing. The humidor is worth every penny of the price so look at it as getting 30 cigars free.
This was the best purchase I have made. Not only is the humidor amazing, great to look at, and holds a large amount of cigars.... The cigars that come with the package are really good quality. This is definitely worth your money. The process was easy, the packaging good, and it was shipped in 1 day!
This is the best gift I've gotten myself since coming out of jail.
I love the cigars and I absolutely ADORE my new humidor! The look is wonderful and can fit into any room. I have debated taking it into my office, but think it's just too good for work! This is going into the man cave when I get home from Kuwait. I've managed the humidification level well over here in the desert, so I can only assume that it will fit right in up in WA. When it comes to the cigars, the sure fire winner in taste are the 5 Vegas Series A's. Delicious! I recommend this to any cigar lover (if you need another humidor!), or to any beginner. The only complaint I have is that the glass popped right out of the hygrometer the moment I took it out of the box. I can live with that, though.
Just recieved the 30 cigar combo for Fathers Day and I must say it brought a much needed smile to my face. This is my first humidor and definitly not my last! Thanks CI on behalf of me and the rest of the troops smokin your goods!
I stated in an earlier review I was going to wait 6 months to review humidor. Well let me tell you it works great and I have had it over a month now. This baby is pretty big and heavier than I thought it would be. The lid is heavy which a good thing is because you want the seal to be good when selecting the humidor. I did not expect such high craftsmanship on the inside and out. Spanish cedar is the way to go in my opinion since mold, bacteria, and bugs do not prefer this wood type from all the research I have read if you up keep the humidor properly. I will say that so far my cigars appear to taste better compared to a non-Spanish cedar humidor I have used for a while. I put the same cigar in both humidors (Spanish cedar humidor and American cedar humidor). My results were that American cedar gave me more of a wood taste while the Spanish cedar appeared to not even affect the flavor. The 2 same cigars tasted different with Spanish cedar winning the battle of taste. You get 2 Spanish cedar dividers at the bottom and 1 divider for the top tray. The humidor states 100 count but if are not smoking the longer cigars I am quite sure the humidor can hold a lot more of the mid size stogies. I put a small digital hygrometer in the humidor. The mechanical hygrometer shockingly works well once calibrated. This is one midsized humidor you will not be ashamed to have out on display in your home. Just follow the instructions on the setup (very easy) and you will be good to go to stock it with stogies. The temperature once set up has remained 69 to 70 which is what I was striving for when I got it. Humidity level has shockingly remained at 70. I guess these numbers can change depending how many times I open it but these are the numbers I have got consistently. The numbers will change a little once you add new stogies but when I check back after stocking the numbers go back to the desired 69 to 70 degrees and 70 humidity levels. The nice smell when opened makes my mouth water or it just might be the treats that are stored inside. I suggest if you are looking for a quality humidor to give this one consideration. Also it is a no-brainer to buy the one that includes the (30 count 5 Vegas cigars at a steal). Happy smoking!
I have recently ordered the product and cannot wait until it gets here tomorrow. CI has always given me good customer service and good shipping times on getting product to my home. While there are other retailers online I just like the guys at CI. I am in the cigar of the month club and its like getting presents every month. I will order something small in the future from another company to try but CI just kicks butt. I recommend everyone try the cigar of the month to get a good idea of what you like and do not like for a while. I found last month Cuba Libre to my favorite from last month and I will be working on this month. I will review humidor once i get it and have used it for at least 6 plus months.
I just got the 5 vegas humidor cigar combo it was alot better than i thought it would be for the money. thanks for the great deals.
This was my 1st "BIG" cigar/humidor purchase ever. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the cigars and humidor! This is, by far, the best deal ever! Great for someone who is just getting into the fine art of cigar storage/smoking. Thanks CI!
Wow this humidor combo is great. My fiance and boys got this for me for Father's Day and it's been holding temp and humidity perfectly. Such a great seal didn't expect it to be this good so far! Cigars are excellent too! Great job CI you have a REPEAT customer!
Thanks for the support for us service members out in Iraq. Got the 5 Vegas Humidor combo in today. Was impressed by the artwork and workmanship on it, not to say the size. Large enough to hold my treats plus some. Thanks for the great deals and shipping to military addresses overseas.
HOLY MOLY! This is a nice BIG humidor (5 Vegas 'Tradicion' 30-Cigar Combo). I didn't think it would be this big or this nice. Official Pasio all the way. Order one today !
Love this humidor(5 Vegas 'Tradicion' 30-Cigar Combo). Great price. The size doesn't say it all. I have plenty of room for my 100 Churchill's in this humidor. CI has done it again. Easy set up. Took only 1 day to get to 70% humidity. Stays at 70% humidity easy. Thanks CI.