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CI Taster Pack: Medium-Full Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI Taster Pack: Medium-Full”
I thought this was a heck of a deal ... and it might be, but ... the CAO looks like a big stick upon arrival it is the smallest and the media noche is also a very small stick ... but they do say they can replace a brand and do not specify ring size…..
Great selection of med. to full cigars. Description was right on the money. Received everything that was mentioned. I've enjoyed everyone. Thanks C.I. you guys are the best.
FS of Staten Island, NY
Holy humdinger hot bahjeesus! These is some mighty fine seegars! One week in the humi and they was nice!
BH of Columbia, MO
One of the better samplers I've had! Very good tasting cigars.
JF of Duluth, MN
Great value with phenomenal cigars! I give it a 9 out of 10 only because I'm not a big fan of the Warpig. Well done CI! Cheers!
AB of Penfield, NY
If you want to experience the whole spectrum of medium to full bodied smokes, then this is it. Regretably, the Ghurka's were tightly packed yet had too light a draw but, you can't go wrong with La Gloria or 5 Vegas. The real surprises were the Black Crown and Genesis (by Ramon Bueso), both were splendid smokes with complex flavors. The Genesis was outstanding with hints of pecan smoked espresso.
DM of Abilene, TX