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El Gordo Combo #17: Champagne + Herf-a-Dor Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “El Gordo Combo #17: Champagne + Herf-a-Dor”

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4 out of 5
My husband loved the Herf-a-Dor.
My husband loved the Herf-a-Dor. Said the cigars had a great flavor, but a little harsh toward the end.
Customer Testimonials
Well worth every penny (El Gordo Combo: Champagne Herf-a-Dor). The cigars were superb and the travel humidor was perfect size. Thanks
What a cigar! Has all the heavy flavor that I like without being too harsh and the combo make me look forward to my freebie that comes with my Jon Bull box.
I cant wait til I get them (El Gordo Combo: Champagne + Herf-a-Dor). Going to need them out here in Afghan.
Awesome cigars! And I love the case! Now I got a carrying case cigars for those trips to Vegas!
This is a great set at a great price. A one thing worth noting however: the lighter comes empty, so be sure to order lighter fluid if you don't already have it!
I've been in and out of the cigar world for around 20 years and smoked a ton of cigars. Some of them we used to call El Rope-oh because you'd be better off lighting up some hardware store hemp. The recent purchase of this combo was a full-on success. I have found my go-to cigar as I love the mild-to-medium nature of this smoke and the sweetness in the afterglow. I personally think it should be rated higher than the low 90's. As for the case, I ride a Harley tourer and the case goes quite well with my trunk. It helps me enjoy the ride to have a great smoke at the end. It's solid and holds enough goods for me and my friends if they care to join me. The lighter was nice but it was just an after-thought because I have and use my trusty Zippo. It did work out as a nice gift for a buddy of mine. You might want to let folks know that it doesn't come filled in the box. I assume this is for saftey reasons. All-in-all, my first few experiences with CI are great. You've won a repeat patron.
Great deal and wonderful cigars (El Gordo Combo: Champagne Herf-a-Dor) the math!
I've been smoking with my dads buddies lately and they lug there smokes around in their pockets or old glasses cases, even paper bags...WTF? When I break out my herf, those old farts think its a handgun or some case for hypodermic needles. When I snap that bad boy open and they get glimpse of my lovelies, well, remember the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark?"......Yea, face melting Awesomness! Great deal, Thanks again CI!
I just smoked my first Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar. All I can say is: WOW! I wanted to burn my fingers trying to get to the last bit of it. The travel herf-a-dor is fantastic as well! They both were well worth the wait. Thank you, CI! Hooah from Afghanistan!!
Super deal, Super price, One Hell-of-A-Cigar
WOW!!! Nice stick will be added to my favorites. Lighter and box OM... OM.... OMG what a deal!!!!
Love the Perdomo Champagne cigars. Very nice smoke. The Herf-a-Dor looks to be solid and well sealed. Will be testing the Herf-a-Dor next time I'm on the boat. Overall a very good combo. Recommend this combination to all cigar fans out there.
Great combination! The champagne cigars are a very enjoyable cigars, burn well and flavorful. The Herf-a-Dor has been great for traveling with my cigars.
Perdomo Champagne is my new favorite, great construction and flavors. If you prefer mild-medium sticks this blend is right up your alley! The Herf-A-Dor + Xikar single torch make this deal a no-brainer. Both great accessories for the golf bag! Thanks CI!
very fast shipping.. great durable travel humidor, the cigars a little loose....
Great case and lighter. Ordering the Acid set next.
Great deal! Excellent cigars, nice lighter, and a functional case to take on a short trip.
Great price plus free lighter. Nuff said.
What a steal, I don't know what's better, a practically free Herf-a-Dor; Lighter, or the Cigars.
Awesome cigar. Worth price alone. The herf is great to protect your sticks for travel. And then a nice lighter to boot
Anyone cigar. Worth price alone. The herf is great to protect your sticks for travel. And then a nice lighter to boot
If you aren't rushing several of these "El Gordo Combo" deals into your CI cart...what's taking you so long?? A 5'er of PERDOMO 10th Anniversary Champange Robusto will set you back $30 bucks...which means CI is "gifting" an awesome HERF-A-DOR Travel Humidor (now my "fave 5" travel in very well protected style) as well as a beautiful $100 BUGATTI Torch Lighter (with the built in double punch cutter it has quickly become my most prized) for $4.50 each !! If there ever was a no-brainer...this truly has to be the "Great-Grand-Pappy NO BRAINER" of ALL "NO BRAINERS"