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Brylon Pipe Starter Kit Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Brylon Pipe Starter Kit”

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4 out of 5
Solid starter kit at a great value
New to pipe smoking so after reading the reviews on this kit I decided to jump in - and I'm glad I did. Love the blend of tobaccos (Captain Black) is easily my favorite. and the Brylon pipe is more than adequate. It does seem to heat up a little bit but after a little trial and error I was able to manage that. The tool included works just fine. Think I'll have this pipe for a long time to come. One suggestion I have would be to get a pack of pipe filters as long as you're placing an order. If you enjoy this kit as much as I have you'll want them.
4 out of 5
Brylon Pipe Starter Kit....Great Value
I am pleased with my Brylon Pipe Starter Kit. The only advice that I would have for a customer purchasing this item is to take out the insert inside the pipe stem. I at first did not realize it was in there and was not getting a good draw. Other than that I am pleased with the kit. Where else can you buy that much pipe tobacco, pipe, cleaners, and tools for the very low amazing price? I don't think you will find it any cheaper.
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Almost 20 years of smoking cigarettes and in my first year enjoying cigars. This kit was my first pipe experience. The variety of tobaccos was nice. The CI Pipe Guy YouTube videos helped. I took the advice of a previous poster that took the advice of a previous poster to get an inexpensive corn cob pipe as well. Glad I did. I enjoy the way the cob smokes compared to the pipe that came with this sampler kit. The bowl is a bit smaller, but I think because the way the stem enter the base of the pipe allowed for a better pull and longer lasting cherry. Great buy.
The pipe was great as a first pipe but burns hot and doesn't really form a cake and I quickly out grew it. But for the price you really cant't beat it. It looks nice and cleans up very easily. The tool that came with the kit is indispensable and I can't imagine smoking a pipe without out it. The tobaccos are delightful and I am glad that this selection was my first introduction to pipe smoking. Overall; very much worth the money and I would recommend it to any beginner pipe smoker.
The Captain Black Gold is OK.. mellow tobacco flavor.... The CAO is really good and sweet, but don't like the Sutliff Outdoors....the brylon pipe ....gets too hot too fast....
DS,I am no expert, but aromatics tend to smoke wet. It is not uncommon for aromatics to puddle, goop up, or even gurgle. So try drying the tobacco out for a bit.
I don't mean to be rude to TG's review, but I felt the need to add a different perspective. The bowl probably gets warm but trying to puff slower should help regulate the heat, and yes a briar pipe will do better with the heat issue. If a pipe requires relighting constantly, it is due to packing the tobacco a little too hard into the bowl or moist tobacco. I'd be a little more gentle when packing the bowl so it's not so dense. It's all a part of learning. As well the bowl getting wet is due to drooling, it's not a pipe issue. Overall, all of these things take time to learn, which is why these starter kits are a great way to jump in. I encourage my friends to learn with one of these, and invest in a more expensive pipe once they get the hang of it. :)
Great tobaccos. The pipe is OK. I took the previous poster's advice and got a corn cob pipe along with the sampler and am I ever glad I did. The brylon pipe gets way too hot to hold and requires constant relighting. Also the tobacco at the bottom of the bowl gets wet. Now I pack the corn cob pipe the exact same way and no problems and due to its thicker bowl, it stays cooler to the touch where I can hold the pipe by the bowl. The tobacco stays lit, the flavor remains smoother and not bitter all the way to the end. Is it just the the Yello-Bole brylon pipe that came with the sampler or can expect similar results with other brylon pipes? I like the very reasonable prices of the brylon pipes however before I give up completely on them will a thicker bowl design be better or should I just go to briar pipes?
This is a good starter kit to have. The different types of tobacco each have a unique flavor & style which will help you choose a taste to your preferences if you continue to pursue pipe smoking. The tools and cleaners are pretty self-explanatory: they serve their purpose well. The Brylon pipe is OK. It does take some time to season, tends to burn hot, and accumulates a lot of tar. The diameter of the pipe is great because it brings out a lot more flavor from the tobacco than a narrower pipe might. I would recommend buying an inexpensive, Corn Cob pipe to use as well. That way, you can get a different sense of the experience and know if it is something you enjoy doing.