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Peterson Irish Flake Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peterson Irish Flake Pipe Tobacco”

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A fantastic, flavorful, no BS tobacco. I will vouch for all that said it's powerful. It nearly knocked me on my butt first time I smoked it. I'll have to order more soon! Highly recommended!
I'm happy to see CI offering some pipe related products now! Let me tell you, if you are into full bodied smokes, you owe it to yourself to try Peterson's Irish Flake at least once. This is a standard setting blend, but be warned that it is NOT for everyone. For an idea of how potent it is, think LFD Double Ligero (in strength only, not flavor) This is a full bodied blend, with some earthy, hearty, slightly leathery flavors, and a touch of smokiness offered by a bit of fire cured leaf. Not the type of smokey taste you'll find with a latakia blend, but just solid, robust, tobacco. This one separates the men from the boys, but don't be scared - if you smoke regularly, it takes very little time to get acclimated to this one and pretty soon you may not notice its power...but you'll still be enchanted by very deep, rich, flavor. No sweetness here, and if you're a drinker it should stand up well to any fine rum, whisky or brandy...personally, I prefer it with a good cup of coffee or black tea. If you have experience with Condor Long Cut, I think it has a lot of the same characteristics except for being an unflavored blend. The strength and base tobaccos are quite similar. This is a home run, I'm never without it!