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Peter Stokkebye 52 Proper English Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 52 Proper English Pipe Tobacco”

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5 out of 5
Stokkebye Smoothe
Peter Stokkebye 52, Proper English, is a fine tobacco by anyone's standards. It has the aroma of a full English blend, but smokes a good bit smoother than it seems as though it would at first light. There is just a tiny touch of sweetness of the Virginia with the pungency of the Orientals to balance that sweetness. Then the Latakia adds just a little punch. The finish is much milder than I expected, so if anything I would like a little heavier Latakia punch in this otherwise extraordinary tobacco. This is a fine all day smoke without a harsh bite. If you are an aromatic tobacco smoker and want to get away from that toward a Latakia blend that has a touch of sweetness but no bite, then Proper English 52 would certainly be worth an experimental smoke for you.
Customer Testimonials
I've been smoking Proper English for a little over 3 years. Nothing else compares. My wife loves the smell in the jar when I open it and while I am smoking it. If you like English tobacco you'll love this. I wish I had found it sooner. Most of my pipe friends have converted.
Got this earlier this week, had 3 buddies, myself and my dad take turns trying it in my Nording pipe. Sour faces and not good at all. I had noted that the tobacco had a very strong, not particularly pleasant aroma prior to smoke. I think I'm gonna throw it in a box and hope it ages well...
I just bought this as an intro into pipe smoking. I must say it is very good smoke. The notes of spice are subtle and nice. The smoke is very mild. I would recommend this tobacco to anyone, but especially if you wanted to try an English blend. This is the one for you.
Proper English it is! Excellent blend, quality tobacco, and that wonderful smoky room note. I've been trying different blends in the Stokkebye line...very impressed. This summer will be my 37 th year as a pipe smoker...takes a bit to imporess me, Thanks CI.
The product description is right on the money. With it's extra Latakia, this blend is smooth, bite-free, and burns clean to the bottom of the bowl. In the process it delivers clouds of billowing white smoke. The Latakia gives it a pleasant smoky flavor, and unlike some Lat's, manages to avoid tasting like you have been sucking a salt lick. I really like this one for relaxing on the porch, contemplating my navel and blowing smoke rings.