Peter Stokkebye 48 Golden Dansk Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 48 Golden Dansk Pipe Tobacco”
“I have tried many different aromatic blends and always come back to this one. Peter Stokkebye Golden Dansk has great flavor which last to the very bottom of the bowl. Give this one a try, you wont be sorry!”
SB of Clarkson, KY
“I smoked Peter Stokkebye Gulden Dansk tobacco yeas ago, when it was imported only into Canada, and nothing else. This blend is just as enjoyable as I remembered the original to be. The first pipe full brought back fond memories. Thanks for carrying this selection. I will be smoking my pipes again.”
DY of Niagara Falls, ON
“Nicely loose. Burns great. Flavor with a glow that you could not imagine. Great room note.”
WK of Dawsonville, GA
“The Golden Dansk smoked very well. There is not too many flavors going all over the place, it is actually blended flavor wise very well to produce a smooth enjoyable taste. It does burn very well and stays lit just fine. This is definitely a good sit back and relax type of blend.”
PL of California, MD