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Peter Stokkebye 17 English Luxury Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 17 English Luxury Pipe Tobacco”

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In my honest opinion; it's hard to go wrong with any of Peter Stokkebye's English blends. They do them all very well. And, this is no exception - a flavorful, well balanced, English blend, with the Cavendish adding just that 'something extra' to the taste. Well worth a try.
This #17 English Luxury is really nice. Be sure to try some of the PS blends as they are very well priced and CI has a great shipping program. Receive my shipment in less than a week to Colorado!! Very Cool CI.. Thanks GW
I have tried a variety of blends from the Peter Stokkebye line. All are excellent. The #17 English is a fine blend with all the elements of a good english at a much lower price. I smoke the Norwegain as my daily and switch off to the english for a change. My go to after dinner smoke.
I'm very glad I only ordered 2 oz. of this tobacco. My wife has complained about the smell. I don't particularly like the smell or the taste either. I hate being the only negative reviewer. Norwegian is my favorite but CI leaves me hanging as the Norwegian is a regular backorder. Since there are others who have given English Luxury a good review I have to say order a 2 oz. sample first. If you like it then order the amount of your choice.
I was in the Bethlehem store this weekend and I bought a Nording Free hand pipe and it came with a free oz of any of Peter Stokkebye tobaccos and I choose this English blend. This is my first English blend and I am not disappointed at all! It is an excellent smoke to unwind to at night after a long day at work!
I love this tobbacco this is my second English blend I haved I smoke 10 bowls so far and still not sick of it!!!