Peter Stokkebye 31 Optimum Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 31 Optimum Pipe Tobacco”
“Guys I can tell you that the ladies love the smell of this tobacco. My wife really likes the smell and on several other occasions I have had random women tell me "That smells wonderful, normally i can stand the smell ect..." Out of all the tobaccos I've tried this is #1 on my list followed by some custom blends from the local smoke shop.”
“Great flavor; no bite, burns cool. so far the best I have tried, but need to try 3 more.”
GI of felton, DE
“I'm not sure how to rate the tobacco. It lights up nicely but the taste seems to disappear after a few puffs. Perhaps I'm using the wrong pipe. I'll have to let it rest for a while before lighting the Optimum again.”
JB of Gainesville, VA
“Not exactly sure what the taste I get from this actually is, but I like it alot. Very fruity and vanilla all at once, overall wonderful”
RI of Mountain City, TN