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Peter Stokkebye 31 Optimum Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 31 Optimum Pipe Tobacco”
Guys I can tell you that the ladies love the smell of this tobacco. My wife really likes the smell and on several other occasions I have had random women tell me "That smells wonderful, normally i can stand the smell ect..." Out of all the tobaccos I've tried this is #1 on my list followed by some custom blends from the local smoke shop.
Great flavor; no bite, burns cool. so far the best I have tried, but need to try 3 more.
GI of felton, DE
Peter Stokkebye Optimum is one of my favorite blends. It smokes very well and blends very well with other tobaccos. It is a very nice blend to smoke after a meal or with a cup of coffee. I've been smoking this blend for several years and have never been disappointed.
SG of Woodleaf, NC
I'm not sure how to rate the tobacco. It lights up nicely but the taste seems to disappear after a few puffs. Perhaps I'm using the wrong pipe. I'll have to let it rest for a while before lighting the Optimum again.
JB of Gainesville, VA
Not exactly sure what the taste I get from this actually is, but I like it alot. Very fruity and vanilla all at once, overall wonderful
RI of Mountain City, TN