Peter Stokkebye 44 Mango Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 44 Mango Pipe Tobacco”
“I just got my order a few days ago, and before I say anything about the tobacco, I'd like to thank CI for a fast delivery. I must say the mango pipe tobacco lived up to its name. Very tasteful pipe tobacco; it is out of this world. I recommend those pipe tobacco smokers to try it.”
IA of Brooklyn, NY
“Great flavor I would not say it taste like mango but it is fruity in flavor and aroma.”
“I just got this tobacco today. When it arrived I was concerned that it was too dry. But I put it in my Nording and I lit it. It was spicy with a hint of fruitiness to it. I normally go with Cherry as my flavored tobacco, but I have been branching out to trying something else, this was a very good tobacco, it burned well and did not leave a gunky mess like the other flavored tobaccos I usually get make.”
RH of Medford, OR