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Peter Stokkebye 51 Black Truffle Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 51 Black Truffle Pipe Tobacco”

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Nice taste, very pleasent. Displeased with the dryness of the tobacco (Very Dry) which seems to allow it to burn quicker and hotter. for these 2 reasons I will not re-purchase Stokkebye 51 Black Truffle. I will try to salvage what I have by re-hydrating it.
Great aroma, awesome taste, highly recommend this pipe tobacco.I'm also looking forward to trying more Peter Stokkebye pipe tobacco.
This tobacco is great! The aroma is my favorite ive had to experience, and the flavor isn't bad. If it burns a little hotter one can also experience cinnamon and more wood notes. Highly suggest this to anyone, having a pipe of this is just instant relaxation...