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Xikar Vitara Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Xikar Vitara Lighter”

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Hello famiy of the leaf,just got my Xikar vitara lighter(siver& chrome)and it's beautiful.Nice size and weight,and the ergonomic shape makes it fit perfecty in the hand.The dual flame is as smooth as butter and the fames don't run together in a point like another more expensive lighter I have,but the flames remain perfectly spaced apart which lights more of the cigar at once,very nice.Unless I get a free or "next to nothing"deal on another brand,Xikar is the only lighter I buy!Thanks for staying 1st class,C.I.,great work Xikar!
I got the Xikar Vitara Lighter in silver/platinum around a year or so ago and could not be happier. I thought I ruined the lighter when I accidentally washed it for a full cycle when I forgot it and left it in a shirt pocket. When I was putting the fresh-washed load into the dryer, my Vitara fell to the floor. I gave it a try and it fired up on the first push! Great product Xikar; as always, thanks C.I.
Works every time. Perfectly adjustable. I know exactly when to refill. Excellent lighter.