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Xikar Stratosphere Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Xikar Stratosphere Lighter”
I've only had this lighter a few days now, so I can't comment on long-term issues, but so far it's reliable and being a Xikar, it should have their lifetime warranty. This thing seems to spew much more heat and in a much wider area when compared to a conventional butane single-jet. Result: you spend much less time and effort lighting a cigar, especially big-ring cigars. Cigars light faster and you don't have to keep sweeping the tightly-focused jet over every little area of the foot. With this thing, a few broad strokes are sufficient, and lighting happens FAST. It's also got a see-right-through-it fuel tank (fully transparent on both walls) and an easy-turn thumb wheel for flame adjustment (no screwdriver needed). Quite a nice lighter.
I really like this lighter especially for a single flame. I have two. One is a back up that floats around my truck as a just in case lighter. After three years it always lights up! Always! The lighter looks beat up, but it always works. I highly recommend this lighter. It's very tough and as I said it always works. Another plus is the price is right.
ML of Pinson, AL
This lighter is great only had a few days,it performers as good as my quad lighter.
I bought this a year ago because regular torch lighters do not work reliably in the mountains. I live at 7400-foot elevation in the Sierras. The Xikar lighter is the best I have ever owned, sparking up reliably and working without problems for a year. Most other torch lighters fail within a month or two if they work in high elevation at all. It also works fine at sea level. This is a must-buy for high-altitude cigar smokers.
... well worth the price of admission, and as WB says, this lighter works well at altitudes and as advertised. I've had mine for just about a year now... it's my everyday lighter and has yet to fail me. I work (and live) at about 5000 feet in the 'Stan and have used this lighter at altitudes close to 9000 feet with no issues whatsoever. To it's credit, it even tolerates crappy butane from the local region... imagine that! I'll probably get another (or two) for backup...