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Napoleon No. II Humidor Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Napoleon No. II Humidor”

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2 out of 5
Inconsistent Humidity!!!
This unit is very hard to get the humidity right. 70% in the top drawer and 63% in the bottom. Poorly sealed around the drawer fronts and the bottom of the unit. The three drawer layout is nice for organization but bad for maintaining proper humidity. I'd recommend skipping this one and going with a more traditional desktop unit.
5 out of 5
Very pleased. Better than expected
Customer Testimonials
Bought this humidor back in 2009 and it's been a great unit, never had a problem holding a solid 68% humidity.
Well, I haven't had it long enough to know how well it holds humidity. But when I removed it from the box I felt as though I had gotten far more than I paid for! That's a pretty strange impression for the "give us your money and shut the hell up" world we live in. It appears very well made and is a very attractive piece of furniture. To me, it looks like it should have cost the $300 MSRP. I may find some flaws with the Napoleon II humidor in the future, but I am beyond pleased with it right now!
Good price and I like the looks of this humidor but it doesn't seal well. The drawers don't close all the way against the cabinet which allows moisture to escape. I am adding weatherstripping around the drawers to close the gap and seal it up. Also the drawers slide wood-on-wood which seems to be a rough slide. I added beads of glue and allowed it to dry so that there is a more solid surface to support the drawer. All in all I think a lid humidor might be a better way to go to get around these issues.
got this bad boy all set up an man its nice bigger than I figured itd be
This is a great humidor; holds humidity great. The gauge is accurate after salt test. I also use digital for back up and temp. The drawers come out for easy storage and access to put cigars in the box, as well as take them out. Buy it.
I've had this for humidor for several years now. I ended up adding a piece of wood at the top of the drawers to make a better seal, It's better. I also bought a larger humidifier and use a digital hygrometer, and check it often. I would say it doesn't seal as well as most hinge tops do.
The drawers don't make a perfect seal when closed. I'm having a hard time keeping my up the right humidity.
Have been using this humidor for about three years, and is absolutely wonderful! Friends comment on the good looks, and how all my cigars are always fresh. Great buy and quality.
Easily one of my favorite humidors. Maintains humidity perfectly with 1 gel jar in each drawer. After 2 years, it's still perfect. I have the El Diablo and Lucky 7 humidors as well. This one is the best for 150 count. Those who worry about the glass top, needn't worry. It affects nothing towards performance.