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Q & A for Napoleon No. II Humidor

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07/19/2013 Just received the new humidor. There are two pucks that came with the humidor. How do I control RH? Do I need a powerstick humidifier or some other product to keep the humidity at the correct level? Thanks.

by JG of Hilton Head Island, SC
A: The humidification units you received will do the job. You just need to add distilled water. Allow time for the foam to absorb the water, and drain off the remaining. However, products such as crystals/beads are much easier to maintain and tend to be much more consistent. I always recommend upgrading to a crystal or bead unit. With this humidor I would replace the two pucks with the CI Smiley Crystal Gel Humidification unit ( I would use two) They mount and look the same as the two you received, and will provide a much more consistent environment for your cigars.
by Greeby
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