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Q & A for Yukon Cherry Humidor

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03/29/2013 Does this model sport the sure seal technology?

by MS of Jamaica Plain, MA
A: Yes it does.
by Steve R
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05/18/2013 I just purchased this humidor in you fathers day deal and it should be arriving soon. When I ordered it I neglected to ask what type of humidifier does it come with(i.e. sponge, crystals ect.)

by DH of Johnstown, PA
A: This unit comes with a round sponge humidifier.
by Jeff K
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05/28/2013 Do you need to season the humidor if you put the crystals in? Also how much distilled water do you need to fill the crystals?

by AP of Schenectady, NY
A: You should always season a new cedar lined humidor. Even if you are using crystals, the dry wood will suck away all the moisture. How much water you need depends on the size of the crystals. As a general rule of thumb, you should add enough distilled water so that the crystals can fully expand to the limit of their container. Avoid allowing the crystals to expand beyond this, is a big no-no (can make quite a mess). Slowly add water and allow time for the crystals to absorb it all. Do this until the crystals have fully expanded.
by Greeby
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05/12/2013 What are the specifics of the humidification regulator - type, brand, dimensions?

A: The humidification regulator that comes with this unit is a black round humidifier. It uses floral foam. Dimensions are: 2" x .5" thick. Made by Quality Importers.
by Greeby
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06/17/2013 How do you use the floral foma hundidifer that comes tadard with the humidor?

by BG of Somers, NY
A: Just simply add distilled water by pouring it slowly through the cracks. You want it saturated but not dripping. Once it's full, drain off any excess and use the magnet to mount anywhere in the humidor. You can also use cigar juice for more stable humidity (less often fills, less variance/spikes).
by Jeff K
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07/23/2013 About humidifiers, which are better fillers, foam, crystals, gels, and whatever else is available? Is there anything else available?? Thank You.

by SM of Los Angeles, CA
A: Crystal gel jars seem to be the best for me. They're much less expensive that the packets that are disposable and they are less of a hassle and more dependable than foam.
by Bryan
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