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Customer Reviews of “Stinky Jr. Ashtray”
“Great little ashtray. I keep the larger stinky clean for guests and use the Jr. myself.”
CP of Red Oak, TX
“I love the "LIL" Stinky!!! Fits perfectly in my truck cup holder for road trips!!”
JA of Toledo, OH
“Along with another CI gift I received, these are at the top shelf. After making an order that went over $100.00 dollars, CI offered me a free gift. This shiny silver looking ashtray, arrived wih the cigars I purchased. A fantastic gift, and a great one man ashtray. Thank you CI ”
DM of Taylor, MI
“I received this from CI, as a gift for going over a certain dollar point on my order. This thing is really cool, and even though it only has one holder, the ashtray can be used by two people. It is seldom that both smokers want to lay their cigars down at the same time, which is my reason for feeling like more than one can take advantage of it. Thank you CI for a gift that I probably wouldn't have purchased for myself until now. If something happen to this one, I would have to purchase a new one.”
DM of Taylor, MI
“Great ashtray for one. About 4 inches across inside diameter and nearly 2 inches deep for the bowl. Holds LOTS of ash, easy to clean, looks fantastic. And it really would work great for a bowl of ice cream!”
TM of Ruston, LA
“Very nice solo ashtray. However, the base of the ashtray I recieved was rough at the bottom rim where it rests on the surface of a table and it could scratch a delicate surface. If I were to use this indoors on a nice surface I would need to add some felt or rubber to the base. But it functions well and I got it at a great price.”
ML of Pickwick Dam, TN
“Great personal tray! Bought 1 a couple weeks ago and now I'm thinking that I need 3 or 4. One by the BBQ, behind the bar, in the garage, and hell maybe one in the bathroom. It's small enough to carry from spot to spot around the house, which is what I do most of the time, but it really is the perfect personal ashtray. Who wouldn't want a couple laying around the house.”
CG of Covington, WA
“Perfect for me as I am the only one smoking in my household. Not sure I'd put ice cream in it, but I would recommend it for anyone who just needs an ashtray for themselves.”
KS of Lockport, IL
“Two words: freaking amazing!”
DB of Weatherford, OK
“The best ashtray I have used. I love it.”
DW of Venice, FL
“Love this little guy. This is perfect for one person. Stays nice and clean and meets all my needs. Very happy with this product.”
SG of Marshfield, MA
“Fantastic ash receptacle when you're out by the pool or on the deck by yourself listening to a ball game or some fantastic jazz with a glass of wine!”
RR of Dunkirk, MD
“Great little ash tray for when I sit next to the pool smoking my CI cigars.Overall good quality and easy to carry around to wherever you enjoy your smoking pleasure.”
RR of Midway Park, NC