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ScrewPop Punch Cutter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “ScrewPop Punch Cutter”
The punch works great at first but once you lose the cap for it, it then becomes pointless because it gets dull and bent very easily. I lost my cap right away because it is so small. now with the bottle opener it seems like a great idea but its not wide enough to be affective. It cuts through your bottle caps real easily. I wouldn't suggest buying this item. use a normal cutter/punch and bottle opener.
ZB of Minneapolis, MN
Small and handy, but the punch cut is rather large and with no adjustment....
I love this Punch - hands down.... I love CI!
Punch it; nice addition to the collection. Thanks CI.
LK of Clarksville, TN
I couldn't figure out how to leave a question I had about this accessory but figured I'd take a chance. Now that my questions are answered, I'll share what I've learned knowing you probably have the same questions: No, the engineer of this cutter did not design a way to get the cutting out. I had to use a toothpick. It's a minor inconvenience, but a serious design oversight, nonetheless. Also, if the nub for the bottle opener appears a little thin, it is. I'm sure with some practice and more use, I'll figure out how to use it so it doesn't just tear up the bottle cap. Kinda dangerous if you tear it up, then slip trying to continue to pry off the cap with it- You can mess up your knuckle pretty bad. Other than that, it's quality materials and should last a long time. I also like the slightly bigger hole it makes.
MP of Benton, AR
Bottle opener is great. Punch works good, however, there is no way to clear out the punch after use.
RM of Westbury, NY
does not work very well for nether use it was ment to
MW of Waynesville, NC
Nice little tool for the bullet cut. Careful how hard you press, can cut deep if the cigar is soft or brittle. Cut one way to deep and had to just use a regular cutter to fix it.
I like this thing.. It makes a nice hole.. Could be a little sharper that way you wouldn't have to push to hard and hope you don't break the Cigar.. All in All a good little tool.. works great on Bottles to..
JB of Marion, IN
Looks good, although there is no filler release once the cigar is punched. Great punch though.
JD of Buffalo, NY