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Statesman Humidor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Statesman Humidor”
Better than expected. The "Statesman" I received also had the hygrometer mounted in the front. Sure is nice to be able to see the rh without opening the box. Also so the finish was more of a cherry wood color. Thanks for upgrade.
I was just given this little gem as a gift for my birthday. My girlfriend had noticed that I was looking at it as to be my first humidor, as I am now purchasing more than just one or two cigars at a time. I was pleasantly surprised with this box. I was not expecting such a beautiful finish, nor was I expecting such a sturdy made box. All in all this is a great box, and for the price, it can't be beat.
JS of New Kensington, PA
Great little humidor for a beginner. I am seasoning it as I type this. The first impressions: The quality of stain on the wood is terrific. The stock photo shows a brownish color, mine was more of a cherry color. I'm not sure if mine is an abberation, but I prefer it. The box is stury and well constructed. When I received it I test fit the small collection I've amassed recently from CI. The box is long enough that I was able to get cigars in the humidor IN THE GLASS TUBE. I have every confidence that I could get the Churchill's to fit (out of any pre-wrap tube) without issue. The listing says it should fit 35-50 cigars or 40 depending on which description you read. I think (based on what I have in it now) that comfortably you could get 25-30 and still get good circulation around your precious cargo. If you don't plan on ever having more than 20 or 30 at at time on hand, this should more than adequately service your needs. I wouldn't hesitate to order this again, or recommend it to a friend.
KN of Freeport, ME
Love it!
SW of Dekalb, IL
Good looking Humidor but not as pictured. The Statesman humidor I received is closer to Mahogany in color and has a front mounted hygrometer. I'm still pleased with the fit and finish. The lid locks in humidity well and the unit appears to be of good quality.
LS of Brooklyn, NY