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Customer Reviews of “Survivor Cutter & Knife”
“Hefty and solid. Grips well when I make a fist around the handle. Cuts cigars extremely well....”
“....The blade wedged in the handle so tight it would not open.... I was am very disappointed, I expected better from CI. This product looks nice in the box and is sharp. I should not have to reengineer he product to make it useable. I do not recommend this product. I even received it at a reduced price from MMAO. spend the cash and buy the name brand version !”
MH of Orangevale, CA
“I'ts a beautiful looking Knife and Cutter, however it doesn't operate quite well as a cutter, I felt like I was going to ruin the cigar unless I had a perfect line up every time. Otherwise, as a Knife not bad, its sharp.”
BH of Minneapolis, MN
“Simply awesome design and function. It can be a little awckward at first to use but once you get used to it, it is a wonderful tool to have around. Well worth the purchase price.”
“I was excited about this initially, I thought it would be great to just be able to carry a knife that had the convenience of a cigar cutter. Unfortunately, I am kind of disappointed in the cut it gives. Its a great knife, feels good in your hand and leaves a clean cut on anything besides a cigar. But I guess it is just technically a single blade cutter, so that in mind id give a 3 out of 5.”
JV of Tracy, CA