Rockwell 3-Finger Leather Case Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Rockwell 3-Finger Leather Case”
“Nicely constructed for your big ring cigars. I added a strip of tape at the open edge of the interior of the larger section to allow for a tighter fit and better humidity within, as the case I received didn't fit snug enough for my taste. Now there is a soft pop when the cover is removed. It is to be expected that a handmade, leather covered, cedar case cannot be constructed to fit perfectly snug. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the product. The leather is nicely grained and the stitching excellent. It is made to last.”
WP of Culver City, CA
“Nice craftmanship. Durable case. I am over 220lbs and keep it in my back pocket while sitting on hard chairs and benches of all type. Sticks are always safe and smoke ready.”