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Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch Lighter Reviews

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Overall Rating 2.66666666666667 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch Lighter”

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5 out of 5
Great Service
Great delivery time, great quality, reliable service
2 out of 5
not a good deal
I have ordered the 2 pack of these lighters and all i can say is one of them worked great and the other is a pain to get lit and stay lit I would not recommend these lighters, check out some other brand, you might be happier
1 out of 5
Poor performance
Child lock is easy enough for me to use with one hand. The problem is the flame. It doesn't matter what I do; it goes out. I've tried adjusting it up and down. That didn't fix it. Its very frustrating clicking the thing 50 times to light one cigar. If I don't give them away, I'll throw them away.
Customer Testimonials
Nice lighter, but it took about 50 tries to "prime" it to light everytime. After that, it works just fine.
Decent little lighter. Definitely heads and shoulders above what you find at gas stations. When I first got it, it took a couple dozen flicks to really get it going longer than a few seconds, but after that it's been fine. Probably not something you want as a primary lighter. But the price is right if you need a couple spares. I haven't had any problems.
I'm loving it so far. Yes, it does require some attention to ignite but I adapted easily by the time I finished the first stick and now love it. I would recommend it to anyone especially considering how little fuel it seems to use.
Here's a tip to you guys having trouble lighting this lighter. Watch the 42 second video. Problem solved.
Great little lighter for the price. It was easy to figure out the safety switch. Adjusted the torch up about a half turn and this little guy really burns!
Not a bad little lighter. Only problem I've had was that if I have the fuel adjustment set to anything other than full, it has a terrible time lighting and staying lit. However, set on full, it works great! Be careful of the lid, it doesn't flip back very far, and can get in the way of or damage some larger ring gauge cigars if you aren't paying attention. Purge every time you refill, and it should be good for a few cigars before it starts to fizzle out.
I purchased several of these and (at first) It would seem it doesn't light every time and you have to click it a few times to get it lit. Or you light it and it goes out after a few seconds. That was all true, but after I turned the flame up using the screw on the bottom of lighter, it works like a charm!!
I got this with a box of Fighting Cocks. I was just in the pool for an hour with this in my pocket and it fired up right away! Love it!
They certainly made it childproof, and also managed to make it nearly adultproof, too! You have to push in one release button embedded in the trigger button that has to pulled back and down.... you can eventually learn how to use it. Otherwise, it seems to be solidly made.
Good lighter for the price. Had to bleed it again after I filled it up and it worked fine. I think I'll be buying a few more for gifts.
I got this lighter as part of a CI deal and it works great. After I figured out how to ignite it and adjusted the flame level a little bit, it works like a charm. At a party last night I reliably lit about 20 sticks with this lighter and didn't have any issues once I turned the flame level up to a little more than half way. My only complaint is that you need a screw driver or something small to adjust the flame level, I wish it had a dial of some sort like other torches I've used. But definitely a great purchase for the price!
The child-safety on this lighter takes a little getting used to, but it is a very slick addition to my collection. It looks cool, has a crystal clear reservoir for you to peer into to determine when to refill, and lights reliably. If you have a hard time getting it to light for you, try adjusting the torch dial on the bottom.
Great lighter! The video definitely helped me work out the kinks and now it lights every time. I got it free with an order, but it would have been worth paying for.
This little lighter is great! I had it filled at my local cigar shop and it lit on the very first try! I was told that the butane can make all the difference so stay away from that cheap drugstore stuff and you will love this lighter.
It's no Xikar but it lights every time so I can't complain and it is cheap.
Looks pretty cool, feels like a solid build, no random loose sounding parts. GF bought a double pack for me, when I opened them, I guess I bled one figuring out how to operate it, not the second one. Filled both and the one that was bled worked flawlessly, the one that hadn't been bled cut off here and there. After another quick refill both are working flawlessly. I am new to torch lighters and these are pretty cool, real easy to operate with one hand once you find out how to light it. Liking the design, only con I found with it is the sticker that states "Made in China" lol
And an Update After 2 weeks of work, it is dying? No longer stays lit, goes out after a second or two. And if I try to relight it goes out faster and faster to it just showing the initial flameburst then goes out. I've adjusted both ways on the screw, no go. I warmed up the lighted in my hands, earns me a second light but still does the same thing. Good for starters, but do get yourself a reliable pricey lighter. Do Not Rely on these!
Got two on a freebie. One worked the other not. The good one is working fine.
....I wound up with 3 of these. I can see why they are practically giving them away.... One of them seemed to work okay for a month; now it's just screwy. I can barely get it to light. When I do, it sometimes fluctuates giving me more or less flame. I tried the next one; screwy right away. Didn't even get a month out of that one. I have not tried the third one because I just don't care anymore. The ridiculous safety mechanism isn't so bad once you get the hang of it.
I have two of the Moretti lighters that I received from CI as a promotion for a cigar purchase. I would not recommend this lighter to anyone as it is very difficult to light after filling and no matter how I adjust the flame adjustment it still will not work. The flame only stays lit for a short time before going out if it lights at all. Thankfully I did not pay anything for the lighters. The childproof feature is a pain and contributes to a sore thumb trying to get the lighter to ignite.
Horrible. Won't light, who cares about the horrible design or annoying child lock, it doesn't even work.
Great lighter, got this in a 4 lighter bundle offer on this site, the other ones were okay, but this one is AWESOME. Best lighter in my arsenal, makes me think that 1-torch lighter are better than 2-3-4 torchers.
I always seem to misplace my lighters. This one was no different. It was great while it lasted. No fault of the lighter of course. Sorry little guy, I don't know where I left you.
Good basic torch lighter. Has child lock, but not hard to work at all.
I got these on Black Friday 2/$10. I didn't expect much, but these have really surprised me. Great lighters, especially for the price!
I got one of these lighters because I liked the look, but I hate it. It's hard to light.
Nice...but definately CHILD PROOF, takes both hands to ignite!
This is the most difficult to use lighter I have ever encountered. It has double safety locks, one to open the cover and another to depress the lighter button. It is nearly impossible to use it with one hand. I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a real concern over the lighter falling into the hands of a child.
This lighter is long as you "bleed" it before you add fuel. If you don't, no biggie, but it will initially need more time to light. I would recommend this lighter without hesitation. But DO NOT USE ON A PIPE. A jet flame will burn the wood.
Extremely difficult to operate.....
Nice shaped torch. Does the job well.
...holding it in my not like operation
Well, after a few fills and purges, it works great. Great lighter to keep in the pocket and leave the nicer ones at home.
Sometimes takes a couple tries to ignite a flame but overall a good lighter!
I found this lighter to be hard to use. Its design makes opening with one hand a bit of a task when otherwise occupied with a golf cart, etc.
Does the job just fine. The carbon fiber case is really just plastic, so it can get scratched if in your pocket with keys. The safety mechanism is a bit tedious, but you can easily open & light it with one hand. Handing it to someone who is unfamiliar, however, is mean. Funny, but mean.
The first one did not work, but customer service was great... Got a new one next day and it works fine
Picked one of these up on a whim to get the free shipping. I must say it has been a real reliable lighter. Lights every time the first time. It has a unique look that gets attention almost anytime I break it out. The child proof feature is easy to navigate with one hand once you use it enough. Just takes a little practice. For the price I am more than satisfied. Thanks CI.
Sweet little torch.
Not bad. I use it quite often for other things other than cigars, so it doesn't last very long for me. Other than that, it's a great lighter for the price.
A decent little lighter that seems to have gotten a bad rap. Watch the video and you really won't have any issues. Got it as an add on with an order and got free shipping. Pretty good deal overall.
It's okay. Not crazy about it.
This thing is just about as child safe as you can get. It takes two right thumbs to open it and light it up. Very lightweight design; you could crush it.
This lighter is extremely disappointing. Did not work consistently and after a few weeks of use now does not work at all. Definitely would recommend passing on this cheaply made lighter.
Worked for one tank of butane and now will not stay lit for more than a half-second. I do like the locking lid, but lighting the thing is kind of awkward. Looks good though. Cannot recommend it because of it's lack of durability.
Doesn't work. Tried adjusting the flame but it just spurts out at first then dies away.
good looking lighter, but does not work well. would like to know how to return it. a bic works better. is there any kind of warranty with this thing
Holds a decent amount of fluid and after a little adjusting puts out a good jet flame and for the price you cant beat it.
Nice looking but akward to hold when lighting a cigar.
Inconsistent, but when it's working right, it's great
Low quality, do not recommend
Not bad for an inexpensive lighter. Looks pretty cool and does what it should.
Disappointed. Lighter is very difficult to use. Rarely lights in the first five tries. Have relegated it to use only severe emergencies! And yes, i do check to maje sure toi check it for fuel every time I try to use it. I will say the lighter is consistent. It consistently fails to light.
The flame adjustment is terrible. Once adjusted it works decent. Not great.
I bought this for myself and I love it. After you refill you have to adjust the flame height which is annoying but it works every time even in the wind.
Nice freebie. Child lock is a little frustrating. Not Reccomended