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Q & A for Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch Lighter

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04/15/2013 It says oversize adjustment wheel.... where is it? I cannot find the adjuster...

A: Our info was incorrect. We apologize and have corrected. To adjust this lighter you'll need a small screwdriver to twist the port where the butane is inserted.
by Jeff K
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05/24/2013 I own the Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch Lighter and I have enjoyed using it. However, I have no had a use for it in some months and I went to use the lighter it will provide a flame for about a second and then go out. Is there a pressure block that happens within the system? If so how can I fix it.

A: Yes. I would suggest 'bleeding' the lighter and refilling. To bleed your lighter, locate the fill valve on the bottom of the lighter. Use a small screw driver and depress the pin in the center. You'll hear the gas (and trapped air) purging from the lighter. Once the hissing has stopped, you can refill as normal. Just note, when bleeding your lighter, make sure you point it away from your face and never near any type of flame or lit cigar.
by Jeff K
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