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Jetline New York Dual-Flame Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Jetline New York Dual-Flame Lighter”

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I finally took the leap at a 'real' stogie lighter. MAN, why did I wait so long?! Instead of two long wooden matches, with the risk of burning my fingers...Or, multiple relights with a convenience store butane...Just one punch of the ignitor lets you roll your smoke into those twin flames for a beautiful, even start to your burn. This thing has a little 'heft' to it, also, so it may not be the right choice for a shirt-pocket. But in a coat, or pants pocket, no problem.
I am referring to the Jetline New York Dual lighter. I can not speak for the others, but this dual is perfect for my thick gauge cigars, and doesn't use tons of butane like the 3 and 4 flame ones. A friend of mine has one of these and I came across it here on CI website I had to get one for myself! And CI's prices are awesome! I used my friends and from my experience I can say it's cool looking, great quality feeling lighter that has a flame that works the 1st time everytime. Highly recommended!
A strong set of flames, reliable and easy to use. It is not flashy or expensive, but it gets the job done well.