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Jetline Lacardo Pipe Lighter Reviews

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Overall Rating 1 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Jetline Lacardo Pipe Lighter”

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1 out of 5
Not reliable.
First one worked for 2 weeks. Returned it - it lasted 10 days. Really disappointed as its just the right size and has everything one would want except reliability.
Customer Testimonials
I have one of these and use it almost daily for a pipe on the ride home from work. I haven't had any issues with it not lighting and the only flame issue I have is the usual "running out of gas so shoots out a huge flame at the end" that I have seen in many lighters. The angled soft flame is perfect for lighting my pipe as I sit in the car and relax for a moment at the end of the day before starting the commute home.
Nice way to lite your pipes... Easy to refill!
Good looking lighter, small and feels good in your hand. I couldn't get it to light every time. They sent me two different ones. One wouldn't light at all and the other would once every twenty trys....
Received a replacement and it's much better. Doesn't light on every click, but consistently lights with 1 or 2 clicks. Very happy. One additional note, CI sent the replacement very quickly and it was a very positive experience.
I had high hopes for this lighter. Its configuration is perfect. Soft side angled flame and built in pipe tool. Unfortunately it does not light consistently. Have a few lighters that take two or three clicks to light. That I can live with. This one will light once within a dozen strikes at best. Tested and its definitely the igniter. If I hold open the gas and light with a second lighter everything operates correctly. Hoping it is a single bad unit and returning for replacement. Will update review once replacement is received.
I received this lighter yesterday and got it going today. Im unable to adjust the flame down. Turned the adjustment screw down a half turn and seemed to get lower. Turned down another half turn and actually increased the flame no way I can use this as it will burn the top of the bowl. Any suggestions out there. The lighter itself is very nice.
Just received a jetline pipe lighter......doesn't matter how many reviews you have read. Mostly there kinda "hee-Haw"...don't listen, I prefer matches for my cigars and pipes, I have a lot of "high end" lighters, this lighter is CONCRETE, you won't be sorry, sturdy, reliable don't let your friends use it kind of lighter, just hold it in front of them.....low buget kick butt tool....get one!