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Hygro-Set Adjustable Digital Hygrometer Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Hygro-Set Adjustable Digital Hygrometer”
Great unit. Fast, reliable. I keep in a humidor at all times, then occasionally swap it to another humidor just to verify the accuracy of the built in hygrometer.
WB of El Paso, TX
I bought one for me and one for a friend of mine. I had an old school one before that was so hard to set. This takes all the guess work out. Love it.
DN of Escondido, CA
This is a nice little hygrometer, about the diameter of a 50 cent piece. I gave it the salt test and calibration was easy: just turn a knob a couple clicks and press a button. It's temp/humidity reading refreshes every ten seconds so you always have the current reading. Definitely worth the price.
EF of Philadelphia, PA
Really Great, Accurate, awesome Hygrometer. Thanks CI
KM of San Diego, CA
I use these in all my humidors, tupperdors and coolidors. Once salt calibrated, they are the best investment you can make to protect your cigars.
RC of Windsor, MO
I calibrated and installed the front-mount model in my glass top humidor. Gives temp and humidity up-dates every 10 seconds! Great little hygrometer. Out performs analog hygros hands down!
I received 3 of these and not one of them does the calibration work on them. Luckily they were all only 3 degrees off.
Seems to work ok, but calibration is kinda difficult with the dial. I have an older Xikar one button calibration unit and prefer it over this unit because I can simply hold the calibration button down while it is still in the baggy during salt test.
PS of Columbus, OH
This is a decent hygrometer. I bought a pretty nice one off of eBay and that thing is dead on no matter the condition. I "calibrated" my hygro-set digital hygrometers (yes I have 5 humis, they all have digies) based off of the nice hygrometer I bought and all 5 were OUT of a humidor. When I put the new hygrometers into humidors after a full day sitting in normal air they read super high. I turned the dial back to where the factory had it and they were reading 70-72%. So that's weird that they read a little low in super low RH conditions. But apart from that they are great. I recommend the round one. It is much smaller and look much better. I wish I would have noticed the front mount ones, since 3 of my humis are 50 ct whitetail glass tops and the other is the 100 ct Versailles which all could have had them. Looks like CI will eventually have $80 from me. No big surprise!!! .... thanks in advance.
AF of Minneapolis, MN
They worked great! Mounted one in the lid of my 10 count Cigar Caddy for when I am traveling. Easy to set up and has stayed accurate so far.
EB of Carthage, NY
After some initial confusion, the hygrometer is working just fine. Duplicating exactly the readings of my analog hygrometer. I recommend just using it out of the box, and don't read the directions. It doesn't need calibration and adjustment, at least at lower elevations. Just push the red button to get Fahrenheit or Celsius. I still don't understand the directions, but the device works!
Great hygrometer! Extremely easy to set and always reliable.
SW of Granger, IN
Works great. As some of the reviews have stated that the calibration adjustment knob does not work, I initially thought the same of mine and was disappointed. However, after closer look and reading directions, the knob can move roughly +/- 10%, and you have to hit the "set" button for the adjustment to take place. Example: it's low by 3%, adjust the knob 3 clicks clockwise and hit the "set" button. It will then read what you were aiming for. Much more accurate than my dial hygro that came with my humidor.
BR of Rosemount, MN
Not usually one to post on something like this, but I just got my new hygrometer and right out of the box it was spot on. i Did the salt test overnight... Woke up this morning and bang on 70%.
BG of West Hollywood, CA
Once you salt test and set these its time to sit back and enjoy !!! Goodbye analog !!
CR of Richmond, KY
Smaller than I thought, which is good! Seems pretty accurate, did a salt test to calibrate it. The dial is easy to move don't bump it or you can knock it off calibration.
Great insurance for protecting your investments. Salt test, calibrate, and let this little unit do the work of monitoring your humidor. Make sure you have a good humidification device and you should be worry free. I have had mine for a couple months now. Very accurate and sensitive, if I have my humi lid open for more than 20-30 seconds I can see the humidity lost immediately, fortunately Black Ice pie jars bring the humidity back to a constant 69% within minutes after closing the lid again. Highly recommended over the analog units installed in many humidors. I still have the analog units installed in my humidors but I don't rely on them for an accurate reading, these Hygro-Set units are what I trust to let me know when I need to add some distilled water to my pie jars.
CP of Edmonds, WA
Got the round one as a free web order throw in and is the best I've had.... Simple adjustment knob removes having to remember how far your hygrometer is off. Just placed another cigar order and a blue rectangular one is the web throw in! 1 for the lid and one for the bottom of my Diamond Crown 160ct!
MT of Middletown, NY
It does what it is supposed to do....easy to calibrate.
DM of Rohnert Park, CA
Was super easy to calibrate using the salt test method, was actually set perfect from factory! Easy to use and easy to understand!
AG of Topeka, KS
Can't go wrong with these bad boys. Replaced the analog hygrometers that came with the humidors, then calibrated it with the Boveda calibration kit and you got yourself a perfect hygrometer.
My first hygrometer. Works well. Easy to test and I was able to adjust after re-reading the instructions a bit. Nice and compact and it comes with a mounting magnet. Worth the investment, would buy it again (and probably will for my backup humidor).
TP of San Antonio, TX
Great digital hygrometer. I like that it mounts magnetically instead of with velcro. Much easier to remove from the humidor. Calibrating was a snap. I would recommend this to a friend.
JM of Santa Monica, CA
Okay, I bought the Moist-N-Aire because it is the standard, in my opinion. Unfortunately it didn't fit in the bottom of my cabinet, so I had to consider alternatives. I couldn't have chosen a better substitute. It was a very easy setup, and it works like a charm. Its very quiet and does a great job in my pretty large cabinet.
I purchased this to go along with my new Whitetail Glasstop Humidor which has the front hygrometer. Before removing the analog that came with, I salt tested the new digital. After about 6 hours I checked it out. It was reading 75% right off the bat. I had no need to adjust it at all. Very simple process to get this running and to remove the analog and replace it with this one. Although the analog seemed to do okay, I am more confident with the accuracy of the digital.
DB of Hainesville, IL
Works well, good value and price.
RV of Homosassa, FL
It works like a charm. I use this to check up on my other hygrometer (since it isn't adjustable). I leave my round hygrometer on bottom of my humidor since I don't like attaching devices to the humidors. Setup and instructions were simple. I would recommend this hygrometer since it is adjustable and has a small footprint (if you prefer to let it lay loose in the humidor).
AK of Milwaukee, WI
Really love this. Analogs are like Russian roulette and I have far too much money in collection to second guess my levels.
ED of Bloomington, MN
So far, I'm impressed.
DB of Weatherford, OK
I did the salt test the first time to calibrate, and thought it was good to go.... put it in the humidor and it seemed a bit high. Did it again, and it was fine.... right on where it should be.
DE of Newark, DE
Works great as described. Mine was off by a few degrees, but after the adjustment and the re-test it's dead on.
These are great little devices, a must have for your humidor. I have a few I ordered so I could monitor the multiple humidors I have. One of them was wacked out, it kept reading 100degrees and 80% humidity when all the others were dialed in at 75degrees and 72% humidity. I thought great, now I have to send it back and wait for a replacement or maybe they won't replace it, it's only a $20 item. When I contacted CI's Customer Service they immediately replied and said they were sending out a replacement no charge. Not what I expected, but Great Customer Service as usual. Thanks CI!
JK of Porter Ranch, CA
I bought this after constantly having troubl with my analog model even after the salt water adjustment. This little gem takes all the guess work out of proper humidification.......
AC of Lake Mary, FL
This is a must have hygrometer if you have a humidor that holds 100 cigars more. I think that they are priced a little to high, but still worth the purchase. I also use a analog hygrometer in order to make sure they are both in harmony. With a large humidor it is a good idea to place one on the bottom, and place the other one on top of the trey. Oft times the humidity will be different between the two. With my electronic humidifier placed at the bottom, it gets more humidity than above the top shelf. Adding fans that CI offers will take care of this problem by circulating the air.
DM of Hixson, TN
....It was reading perfectly fine but then shot up to 99%. I threw the hygrometer (humi-care) from my other humidifier in and it read 70%. Eventually the hygro-set went back to normal readings but after a few days, went right back up to 99%. Do yourself a favor and get the Humi-Care, same price and it works....
CA of Grove City, OH
Did not calibrate as easily as I anticipated. I guess that's to be expected from a $20 item. Time will tell if it works out in the long run.
TL of Hauppauge, NY
The digital hygrometer is the way to go for sure. It is super accurate and easy to adjust!
WP of Heidelberg, PA
Works great once perfectly calibrated. Very happy to know that my investments are protected.
SG of Marshfield, MA
Easy to calibrate, easy to read, wouldn't let a humidor sit without one.
TD of Sioux City, IA
I tested over night to check on calibration. I was 1% off from factory and the adjustment could not be any more easy. I went with the square and it looks good too.
RA of Rapid City, SD
Works great. This is what my humidor was missing.