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Q & A for Aging Vault Humidor

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07/19/2013 This piece looks like a real beauty and I so want to pull the trigger on it. I do have 4 Questions: 1) What are the dimensions of the lower cabinet? 2) Are the trays in the drawers removable? 3) Is there a lock and/or hygrometer? 4) How do I convince my wife that we NEEEEED this? Thanks!

by JK of Rockville, MD
A: Lower Cabinet =29" W x 15.75"H x 14" D. Cabinet has a lock. No hygrometer (although I would have suggested you upgrade to a digital anyway). The trays are not removable, but the drawers could come out if you wanted to. Each drawer has the slotted tray built in, to allow air flow, if you took that away you'd be left with nothing. Don't ask her, just get it. Tell her it was a present from Santa. If she doesn't buy that, I would just be prepared to spend a few nights on the couch. She'll forgive you eventually, and you'll still have this rockin' humidor.
by Greeby
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